How to Transfer Data from Android to vivo Z6

May 21, 2020
Summary: After replacing your old Android phone with vivo Z6, how to transfer important data from an Android phone to vivo Z6? If you don't understand the safe and efficient method to complete the data transmission, then please read this article!
Vivo Z6 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G. Under its blessing, the vivo Z6 image rendering speed is very fast, and running the large game vivo Z6 will not freeze. In addition, vivo Z6 also has a PC-level super liquid cooling system. This allows the vivo Z6 to achieve better temperature rise control while the performance is skyrocketing. Vivo Z6 is equipped with 48 million main cameras, which is enough to meet the daily needs of customers. At the same time, vivo Z6 is also equipped with a 112 ° anti-distortion ultra-wide-angle lens, a 4cm super macro lens and an independent portrait depth of field lens. On the front, vivo Z6 is equipped with a 16-megapixel camera, and supports smart matching beauty program and other functions.
The speed of mobile phone replacement is very fast. After the vivo Z6 is launched, I believe there will be many customers who are attracted by its performance and price, and then buy it. However, after purchasing the vivo Z6, how to safely and efficiently transfer important data from the old Android phone to the vivo Z6 has become a problem that users are very concerned about. In order to help users solve this problem, this article specifically introduces two safe and efficient methods to help users transfer data from Android to vivo Z6.
Now I will introduce you a software - Mobile Transfer. Mobile Transfer is a software specially developed to help users complete data transfer. Its functions mainly include the following: First, it can support more than 7000 models of devices, including vivo Z6. Second, it supports a variety of data types for transmission. Including contacts, photos, audio, SMS messages, music, apps, app data, calendar, videos, etc. Third, it has a very high safety factor and will not reveal any of your data. Fourth, its pages are very simple and the operation is very simple.


Part 1 Directly Sync All Data from Android to vivo Z6

Step 1: Choose a transfer mode
Download and install Mobile Transfer on your computer, and then launch it. After successfully entering the program interface, select the "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode and press "Start".

Step 2: Connect the device to the computer
Use a USB cable to connect the Android phone and vivo Z6 to the computer. Then check the display position of Android and vivo Z6 on the page. The model behind the source device needs to display Android, and the model after the destination device needs to display vivo Z6.

Note: If the display order on the page is wrong, it may cause data transmission failure. So the user needs to click "Flip" to flip it.
Step 3: Select data for transmission
In the middle of the page, users can see all the data types that can be transferred to vivo Z6. Now users can select the data to be transferred from Android to vivo Z6 on the page. After selecting, click "Start Transfer".


Part 2 Restore Data from Backup to vivo Z6

Step 1: Return to the primary interface of the program, then select "Restore from Backups" on the page and click the "MobileTrans" button.

Step 2: Use a USB cable to connect your device (vivo Z6) to the PC. After successful connection, all the backups you have backed up on Mobile Transfer will be displayed on the left side of the program interface.

After selecting the appropriate backup, users should select the data type in the middle of the page according to your needs. Finally, click "Start Transfer" to transfer the data from the backup to vivo Z6.

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