How to Recover Deleted/Lost Data from vivo Z6

May 14, 2020
Summary: Oh! The data on your vivo Z6 is gone? Don't worry, after reading this article, you can master the easiest method in the world to recover lost and deleted data in vivo Z6.
First of all, the configuration of vivo Z6 uses a combination of Snapdragon 765G processor + 6GB running memory + 128GB storage space. We know that the Snapdragon 765G processor is currently Qualcomm's only processor with integrated 5G baseband. Its performance is very strong and its power consumption is relatively reduced. In addition, vivo Z6 has a built-in 5000mAh large battery. Low-power 5G dual-mode chip plus this large battery, and 44W super fast charge, vivo Z6 is very good in terms of battery life. Secondly, in appearance, the front panel of vivo Z6 uses ultra-small holes. Coupled with the popular matrix camera and rear fingerprint recognition, it can be said that the vivo Z6 is almost a flawless smartphone.
There is no doubt that vivo Z6 is very good. But no matter how good the phone is, there will always be data loss in the phone for some reason. This data may include your contacts, etc. When your data is lost, how to restore the lost data to vivo Z6 safely and efficiently? In order to make it convenient for users to use the simplest method to recover lost or deleted data in the phone, this article introduces two methods in detail.
vivo Data Recovery is an indispensable tool for you to recover lost and deleted data in your phone. Whether you are due to a virus attack, formatting, broken screen, mobile phone water or other unknown reasons, vivo Data Recovery can help you recover any lost data in vivo Z6. The types of data it can recover include contacts, call logs, photos, text messages, messages, audio, video, WhatsApp call logs, and other data types. What's more, it is very simple to recover the lost data in the phone. Users only need a few simple choices and clicks to complete data recovery.


Part 1 Restore Data Directly to vivo Z6 without Backup

Step 1: Launch the software on the computer
Download and install vivo Data Recover on your computer, and then wait for it to start. After successful startup, the user needs to select the "Android Data Recovery" mode on the page.

Step 2: Connect vivo Z6 to the computer
Use the USB cable to connect the vivo Z6 to the computer, and then complete the USB debugging on the vivo Z6.

Tips: If the user does not know how to perform USB debugging, you can operate according to the following picture.
Step 3: Select the file type to scan
All data types that can be restored to vivo Z6 will be displayed on the page of the program. The user selects the required data type according to his needs. After selecting, click "Next" in the lower right corner to scan.

Tips: If you want to scan all data, you can click “Select all” to have all your data scanned.
Step 4: Restore selected data to vivo Z6
After the scan is completed, the user can select the specific items of data that need to be restored to vivo Z6 from the page. After selecting, click "Recover" in the lower right corner of the page to complete the data recovery.


Part 2 Restore Data to vivo Z6 from Backup Files

If you have backed up the required data on vivo Data Recovery, then this method is very simple and efficient.
Step 1: Run vivo Data Recovery on your computer, and then select "Android Data Backup & Restore" on the program interface.

Step 2: Use a USB cable to connect your vivo Z6 to the computer. Then select one of "Device Data Restore" or "One-Click Restore" on the page.

Step 3: Select the desired backup from the backups displayed on the page, and then click "Start" to extract all the recoverable data.

Now, users can select the data to be restored to vivo Z6 in the page. After selecting, click "Restore to Device" to restore the data from the backup to your vivo Z6. Or you can select "Restore to PC" to restore the data to your computer.

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