How to Transfer Data from Android to vivo NEX 3

December 23, 2019
Summary: In this information age, new phones are changing with each passing day. The frequency of changing phones is getting faster and faster. But many people are worried about how to transfer the data from the old phone to the new one. This article will introduce you the easiest and fastest way to sync all data from an Android phone to vivo NEX 3.
The vivo NEX 3 uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus platform and runs up to 12GB of memory. The entire system comes standard with UFS 3.0, a built-in 4500mAh battery, and supports 44W fast charging. vivo NEX 3 rear three cameras: 64 million main camera + 13 million telephoto + 13 million wide angle, supports 2x optical zoom, Super Night Scene 2.0, supports 2.5cm super macro, AI hair level portrait segmentation technology, 4K 60 frames HD video. It uses a 6.89-inch unbounded waterfall screen with a bending angle close to 90 degrees on both the left and right sides, and has a 99.6% ultra-high screen ratio. Equipped with the latest lifting camera (elevating speed of 0.65 seconds) and the latest screen fingerprint, the 3.5mm headphone jack is retained. It also uses hidden pressure-sensitive keys to provide two colors, deep space streamer and liquid Tianhe.
The color of this phone is so good-looking, and it has a strong ability to take pictures. Certainly many young people have started. So what about the data of the old phone? We can transfer the data of photos and audio to the new phone, but what about the video, WhatsApp information, and call history? Don't worry, today I introduce you a software - Mobile Transfer, which can solve your troubles.
Mobile Transfer is a tool specially developed for transferring data. It has many advantages. First of all, its compatibility is very good, you can transfer data between any two Android phones. Secondly, it transfers many types of data, and almost all data of mobile phones can be transferred. For example, contacts, call history, text messages, pictures, videos, audio, music, Apps, app data, etc.. Finally, it guarantees absolute security, will not leak your data, and will not cause any harm to your phone.


Steps to Directly Sync Data from Old Android Phone to vivo NEX 3


Step 1: Select the transmission mode

Firstly, download, install and run Mobile Transfer on your computer. At this point you can see four modes on the main interface, please click the "Phone To Phone Transfer" button, and then click "Start".


Step 2: Connect your two phones to your computer

Connect the vivo NEX 3 and the old phone to the computer with USB respectively. You can see your vivo NEX 3 on the right side of the main interface and your old phone on the left. If not, you need to click the "Flip" button to swap the positions of the two phones.


Step 3: Select the type of data to be transferred

You can see many data type directories on the main interface. Please select the data you need to transfer, preview and confirm, and then click "Start Transfer" to transfer the data to your vivo NEX 3. At this time, you can see the progress bar of the transfer on the main interface. Please be patient, the speed of transmission depends on the amount of data.

Note: If you want to delete the existing data of vivo NEX 3 before transferring, you can select the "Clear data before copy" button. Please keep your phone and computer uninterrupted during the transfer.
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