Transfer Contacts/Photos from Android/iPhone to Oppo Reno7

March 10, 2022
Overview: How do you transfer the data you need from your Android/iPhone to Oppo Reno7? If you are still struggling with this, then you can take a leaf out of this article and we have provided six ways to help you with your troubles.
Some people change their mobile phones frequently due to the demands of work and life, and some people own two phones. Often, when you buy a mobile phone at the point of sale, the salesperson will help you import the old data into the new phone. Of course, nowadays the internet is so advanced that it is not unlikely that you will buy a new phone online. If the salesperson did not import the old data for you when you bought your new phone, or if you bought your phone online, you may have to transfer the data from your old phone to your new one. You don't have to worry about this, as it can be done easily.
If you want to transfer Contacts/Photos from your Android/iPhone to Oppo Reno7, you can find the right method for you by reading the following article.
Methods Outline:

Method 1: Syncing data from Android/iPhone to Oppo Reno7
Mobile Transfer software supports the direct transfer of data from your old phone to your new one, requiring only a computer and two data cables, so this convenient method is now recommended for you.

Mobile Transfer is a trusted data transfer software that supports iOS to iOS, Android to iOS and Android to Android data transfer. So whether your old phone is an iPhone or an Android phone, you can transfer data from your old phone directly to your vivo s12 using Mobile Transfer. not only that, it supports a wide range of data types including contacts, SMS, call logs, photos, music, videos, apps and more. It is easy and fast to transfer data. With just a few simple operations, you can transfer data directly from Android/iPhone to Vivo S12, saving you a lot of time in data transfer.

Steps to Transfer android/iphone data to oppo reno7:

Step 1: Download Mobile Transfer
Select the software version you need to download and open Mobile Transfer after successful download.

Step 2: Select the mode "Phone to Phone Transfer"
Select the "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode on the front page of the software and click "Start".
Step 3: Connect your phone to the computer separately
Connect your Android/iPhone and Oppo Reno7 to the computer using the USB cable. If you find that the two phones are in the wrong position, you can swap the positions of the two phones by selecting "Flip".

Step 4: Select the data to be transferred
The page now shows the data that can be transferred from the old phone, select the file and click "Start Transfer". Please do not disconnect during the transfer.

Method 2: Transfer iTunes backup files to the Oppo Reno7

Making good use of our backup files will make it easy to transfer data from the old phone to the new one. We'll do this with the help of Mobile Transfer.
Step 1: Run Mobile Transfer
Find the mode "Restore from backup" offered by Mobile Transfer and select "iTunes" from the four options.

Step 2: Connect the Oppo Reno7 to your computer
Connect the Oppo Reno7 to your computer and enter your iCloud account in the login screen.

Step 3: View the backup file
In the "iTunes backup file" section, select the file you want to transfer.
Step 4: Select the data to be transferred
Confirm that the data is correct, select "Start transfer" and wait for the file transfer to finish before disconnecting.

Method 3: Use OPPO cloud to sync data to Oppo Reno7
OPPO cloud allows you to switch between accounts on one phone, so if your old phone happens to be an OPPO, this next method is a breeze for you.
OPPO Cloud stores your photos, videos, contacts, notes and other important data securely in the cloud. When your phone data is accidentally lost or you need to replace your phone, you can quickly restore this data stored in the cloud to your phone at any time. Every user will receive 5GB of cloud storage for free and can easily upgrade to a larger amount of cloud storage.
Step 1: Open OPPO cloud
Open the software OPPO cloud in Oppo Reno7 and switch to the account of your original OPPO phone. Be careful to disconnect your old phone from the network to avoid the problem of two phones logging into one account at the same time.
Step 2: Select the data
Find the type of data you want to download in the category form and select the correct file type.
Step 3: Recover data to Oppo Reno7
Check the files an
d select the "Recover" button to sync the data to Oppo Reno7.

Method 4: Use oppo clone to send Android data to Oppo Reno7
Oppo clone is the most convenient way to transfer data without a computer or cable, just a QR code.
Step 1: Download oppo clone
This simple transfer method requires you to download oppo clone on both phones.
Step 2: Select "Clone phone"
In OPPO Reno7, click on "Tools", find the "Clone phone" option and select "Other Android phones". A QR code will appear on OPPO Reno7.
Step 3: Scan the QR code
Scan the QR code on the OPPO Reno7 with your Android phone and the phone will start cloning.

Method 5: Recover OPPO Reno7 data from Google drive
I believe you should have a Google account and if you have used the cloud storage service it provides to you, you can log in to your Google account again and sync your backup files to your OPPO Reno7.
Google Drive is an online cloud storage service from Google, through which users can get 15GB of free storage space. At the same time, users can pay for a larger storage space if they have a larger need. The Google Drive service will be available as a local client and as a web interface, similar to that of Google Docs. It will be available for Google Apps customers, with a special domain name. In addition, Google will provide APIs to third parties to allow people to save content to Google Drive from other applications.
Step 1: Open Google Drive
Find and open Google Drive on your OPPO Reno7 phone.
Tip: Be careful not to sign in to a Google account on more than one phone at the same time.
Step 2: Sign in to your account
Sign in to your account and find the file you want to transfer to OPPO Reno7.
Step 3: Recover the data
Select the file, click "Finish" and wait for the data to be downloaded to OPPO Reno7.

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