How to Transfer Data Contacts from LG to LG G5

Post Day 12/31/2015 14:01

As the LG G5 prototype photos of exposure, the flagship phone will be equipped with dual cameras seems to have little suspense. However, LG G5 features seem to be much more than that. According to @evleaks on Venturebeat disclosure, said LG G5 will also introduce the LG V10's dual touch screen design, use metal fuselage, carrying Snapdragon 820 processor and has a fingerprint identification function, and provides a special design of "magic slot", support some external hardware extension device, such as sports camera, virtual reality devices and special physical keyboard, etc. The loading 5.3 inches main screen is a little smaller than the LG G4, but also support 2K resolution, as for the second screen support for 160x1040 pixel resolution, and the design will appear in many new LG phones in next year.
Meanwhile, LG G5 will be pre-installed Android 6.0 system, equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 processor, but will not upgrade the memory capacity, it is still the 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM storage portfolio. It will also support fingerprint recognition, and integrated into the power button on the back, with a fingerprint to unlock, mobile payments and privacy functions.

As the camera configuration of LG G5, G5 will continue 8 million pixel front camera specifications, but did not mention whether the lens aperture varies. As for the main camera, compared with 16 million pixels dual lens configuration, and has 135-degree wide-angle effect, while also loading dual LED flash, as well as laser-assisted autofocus module, and also has RGB sensor, to assist focus and conduct scene recognition function. But at the moment it was not immediately clear whether the LG G5 has iris recognition function. Meanwhile, despite the G5 also uses a removable battery design, but the battery capacity has shrunk slightly compared to LG G4, down from the past 3000mAH to 2850mAH. However, this does not mean that LG G5 endurance will weaken, because of the introduction of the secondary display and lower power consumption processor, all will offset the negative impact caused by the smaller battery capacity.
It is worth mentioning that the message did not mention the disclosure of memory card expansion capabilities, but it seems more concerned about the huge profits LG accessories market, so the LG G5 specially designed a "Magic Slot". Although temporarily clear more details, but said to be able to expand more functionality by inserting hardware modules, such as specially designed sports camera, 360 VR virtual reality devices, and one called the "party" of the physical keyboard, it can provide audio amplification Features.
As for LG G5 release time, the current message is to get the first quarter of next year. However, as LG G4 Published in April this year, so LG G5 may still be follow previous release cycle, released in April next year, and there is news that LG will hold a special press conference to launch this new flagship mobile.
Closer to home, although sales of LG G5 discussion also too early to say, but from the current high attention of LG G5, we have the confidence to LG G5 should be popular with the users. So, how to transfer data like contacts, text messages, photos, call history, calendars and more from your old LG to the LG G5, which still is our favorite topic. In this article we will show you how to sync your personal data from one LG device to LG G5 in three simple steps with the help of Mobile Transfer.
Before the transferring process, please download the software of trial version on your computer, and launch it after installation.


Steps to Transfer Contacts, SMS, Pictures, Apps and More from Old LG to LG G5

Step 1. On the homepage of the program, you can see four function blocks, to transfer data between your LG phones, please choose the "Phone to Phone Transfer" block and press "Start".
On the next screen, you will be asked to connect your old LG phone and LG G5 to your computer via their USB data line, just do it, the program will detect them soon.
Step 2. Once your old LG phone is recognized as the source phone and the LG G5 is displayed on the right, your can see all the transferable data list in the middle panel, just tick those what you wanted, and click on the "Start Transfer" button to sync them from old LG to LG G5.
Note: The files will be transferred to the target phone in a few minutes. Please do not disconnect both devices during the process.

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