How to Transfer Data from Huawei Mate 7 to iPhone 6S/6

January 24, 2016
"My lucky color is pink. Pink is my favorite color. Some time ago, Apple launched iPhone 6S. It happens that there is a similar case, my Huawei Mate 7 also have some problems, often freezes. With the support of my brother, I bought a Rose-Gold iPhone 6S. But, I want to transfer data from Huawei Mate 7 to iPhone 6S. The data of my old phone is very important. As everyone knows, the bluetooth of Apple mobile phone unrecognized Android mobile phone. This problem has been bothered me for a few days. Who can tell me a best way to transfer my personal data?"

As the third generation of Mate series, Mate 7 is the product of Huawei's proud, adopting 6-inch screen, super narrow bezel design, using the aviation aluminum, grip will undoubtedly has a lot to improve, It is equipped with a more powerful Kirin K925 processor - four 1.8GHz A15 chip + four 1.3GHz A7 chip, Mali-T628 GPU, and with i3 coprocessor. In camera terms, rear 13 million pixels Sony fourth generation BSI sensor, F2.0 large aperture, 28mm wide-angle. The battery is 4100mAH, at the same time, it also supports NFC technology. Besides, Huawei also first time to introduced the fingerprint scanning capabilities to Mate 7. Assuredly, Huawei Mate 7 used to be snapped up. However, no matter how high the cost performance, Mate 7 always can't compare with iPhone. But, it seems need some cost from Android formation back to the iPhone, just like the case above. As the matter of fact, to transfer data from Mate 7 to iPhone 6S or any other iPhone devices, you just need Mobile Transfer. 
Mobile Transfer is an all-in-one data transfer program, through it help we can be transfer data like contacts text messages, photos, videos, apps and more from phone to phone no matter they whether running the same operating system, in other word, Mobile Transfer supports many system incluing Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian and so on. In general, this program can reduce a lot of troubles, also can reduce our loss of data. Let me give you explain how to run the program.
Before to transfer, you should be prepared to a computer, the USB cables of old phone and new phone.

Steps to Transfer Data from Huawei Mate 7 to iPhone 6S/6


Step 1. Run the program and choose a transfer mode

Download the program on the computer. Open and login the program. You can see the main interface. Please click "Phone to Phone Transfer" and press "Start".

Step 2. Connected your phones to the computer with USB cables

When the computer recognizes two mobile phones, it will show the following interface. On this step, you need to check their location. The Mate 7 is on the left, the iPhone is on the right. If the location is wrong, please click "Flip" to exchange them.

Step 3. Select the data to transfer

Choose the data you want to transfer and click on "Start Transfer" to sync them from phone to phone. If finished, click "OK".
As you can see, the operation of Mobile Transfer is very simple. Mobile Transfer help us solve the problem of data transfer. In this information era, I think it is very useful. Therefore, why don't you download Mobile Transfer to have a try.
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