How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android

January 24, 2017
Because I am a Android app developer, my phone has been a Android phone, which is also convenient for me to work, I can test the new app in time. Also for the needs of the work, I always have a few Android phones. Generally these Android mobile phone brands are not the same. For example, this is Samsung, that is LG, and the other is a HUAWEI phone.
One day, when my friend was looking at my phones, he found that they had the same contacts. He was very surprised; because he thought that I was enter these contacts one by one to on the phone. However, this is not the case, I just use a data transfer software. This software can help me to copy some important data to another phone. I not only use this software to transfer contacts, I also use it to transfer the new APP.
This software is Mobile Transfer. You can use Mobile Transfer to transfer data between two Android phones. Contacts, photos, videos, music, calendar, text messages, call history and other documents can also be transferred between two phones. In addition to Android phone, it also applies to iOS, Symbian phone. At this stage, more than 8000 mobile devices in the market can use Mobile Transfer. Mobile Transfer not only has the universality, but also has the usability. You just need three steps and easily transfer data to another phone. In addition, clean and concise interface design is also satisfactory.

Next, we will show you how to use this tool to transfer your contacts from one Android phone to another in details.

Steps to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android



Step 1. Install and run Mobile Transfer on your computer

Please download Mobile Transfer on your computer, and then install it according to the prompts. After running, you can see four modules in the main interface, please find and click on "Phone To Phone Transfer".


Step 2. Connect the phones to the computer

Before you do this, you need to prepare two USB lines. Then, connect your phones to your computer with a USB cable. After the connection, the left side shows the source phone, which is your old Android phone, while the right side shows the destination phone, that is your new Android phone. You can click on "Flip" to adjust the location of the two phones.


Step 3. Start to transfer contacts

When two phones are successfully connected to the computer, you can begin to transfer data. There are contacts, text messages, photos, calendars and other data for you to transfer between two phones. Locate and check "Contact", and then click "Start Transfer".

Please note that during the process of transferring the contacts, please ensure that the connection between the two phones and computers is not interrupted.
You may be interested in other features of Mobile Transfer:
Back up the data to the computer
In order to protect the important data on the phone, people usually use backup method. However, if you just connect a phone to a computer with a USB line and copy the data directly to your computer, it will take you a lot of time and you may miss out on important data. The backup function in Mobile Transfer can help you quickly back up the data. In addition, it will automatically classify your data, you can clearly find the corresponding data.
Restore backup data to the computer
Since you can back up the data with the software, you can also use it to restore the backup data to any supported phones. It supports you to recover data from MobileTrans Backup, iCloud Backup, iTunes Backup, Kies Backup, BlackBerry Backup and OneDrive Backup.
Permanently delete data from the phone
Sometimes, we hope that all the data and settings on our old Android phone is completely deleted. However, traditional deletion can not be permanent. Mobile Transfer can provide you with a reliable way to help you permanently delete all the data and settings in the phone without restore, even using the most professional data recovery tool.
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