How to Transfer Data Contacts from Android to OnePlus 5

June 19, 2017
OnePlus has grown from a tiny startup that struggled to meet user demand to one of the most sought after smartphone brands in just a few short years. Following the 2016 launch of the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T, this month the company will announce the OnePlus 5. The next OnePlus flagship will be known as the OnePlus 5, and not the OnePlus 4 as many had expected. Whether this is because it is the fifth-generation flagship, following the OnePlus One, 2, 3 and 3T, or because the number 4 is considered to be bad luck in China is not entirely known. Following an announcement on Twitter, we now know that the OnePlus 5 will be revealed via a live stream on 20 June 2017 at 5pm for those of us in the UK. We expect the smartphone to go on-sale following the announcement, although an exact date is yet to be announced. 
Getting a new smartphone is always exciting, but it also brings you some trouble, such as transferring data. There was once a time when transferring contacts from one mobile platform to another meant manually typing in an endless amount of names, phone numbers and other information. Thankfully, nowadays smartphones can now do most of the work for us. And for the most part it can be accomplished in a very small amount of time.
To transfer contacts between Android devices, the easiest way is taking use of some third-party programs such as Phone Transfer. Phone Transfer can not only transfer Android phone contact list to new Android phone, but also transfer photos, text messages, call log, calendar, music, video, Apps etc. to new phone within only a click. Please download and install the correct version according to your computer.


Steps to Transfer All Data from Your Android Phone to OnePlus 5


Step 1. Launch Phone Transfer and choose the transfer mode

Once you have installed Phone Transfer on your computer, please launch it. Afterwards, you will see the main interface. select “Phone to Phone Transfer” and press "Start" to go ahead.


Step 2. Connect your phones to PC

Please connect both of your old Android phone and the OnePlus 5 to computer via USB cables. Once the two devices have been connected to computer successfully, the phone model name will be shown on software interface. You can click “Flip” button to switch source phone and destination phone.


Step 3. Transfer the selected file from Android to OnePlus 5

After the two phones have been detected by our software, please mark the file types that you want to transferred, then click “Start Transfer” to copy the selected data from the old Android phone to OnePlus 5. When contacts transferring process is completed, you will be informed by a pop-up message. Now you can check the contact list on new OnePlus 5.

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