Transfer Data Contacts from Android to Moto Z2/Z2 Force

June 24, 2017
Moto Z2 Force will be equipped with Snapdragon 835 processor, the second generation Shattershield technology, 2K resolution and modular design. It is worth mentioning that Moto Z2 Force equipped with a unique ShatterShield pole technology. Even if the phone drops from a high place, phone screens don't hurt much either.
According to a report from KRC Research, 53% of the world's smartphone users have experienced screen broken, and 21% of users are using broken phones, and a phone is broken every 2 seconds. The broken screen not only brings the high maintenance costs for consumers, but also to spend more time and energy, even at the risk of delay. So I think ShatterShield technology is pretty good. Maybe I'll buy a Moto Z2 Force when I need to replace my old Android phone.

But if I buy a new Moto Z2/Z2 Force, I need to transfer contacts data from my old Android phone to my new Moto Z2/Z2 Force. Unfortunately, I don't know how to transfer contacts data. Is there any way to help me solve this problem?
Mobile Transfer is just the assistant you need. It can quickly help you transfer data, such as text messages, photos, music, videos, contacts, call history, APP data, etc.. With the help of MobileTransfer, the transfer of data has become easier and simpler. Happily, it is compatible with more than more than 2000 mobile devices, including the latest Moto Z2 Force. So you don't have to worry that your phone doesn't work for Mobile Transfer. In addition, iPhone, Samsung, HUAWEI, ZTE, LG, SONY and other phones can use it. More importantly, the software protects your phone data and the phone data will not be damaged or lost.



Steps to Transfer All Data from Android to Moto Z2/Z2 Force

Step 1. Run MobileTrans and select function

First, please download and install Mobile Transfer on your computer. Then run it and find the "Phone To Phone Transfer", and then click on it to get to the next step.


Step 2. Connect Android Phone and Moto Z2 Force to your computer

You need to connect your Android Phone and Moto Z2 Force to your computer via USB cables. When the Mobile Transfer detects your phones, the Android Phone is displayed on the left and the Moto Z2 Force is displayed on the right. You can click on "Flip" to change the location of two phones.


Step 3. Start transfer contacts data to Moto Z2 Force

Next, you can start transferring your contacts. There are some items for you to transfer between two phones, find and check "Contact", and then click “Start Transfer".

Pleaes remember that during the process, please ensure that the connection between the phones and the computer is successive. To be on the safe side, I suggest you backup the important data from your phone to your computer, so you can use the "Back Up Your Phone" in Mobile Transfer.
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