Transfer Android Data Contacts to Huawei V9 Play

September 15, 2017
In September 6th, the Honor released a mobile phone targeting the young group - HUAWEI V9 Play. Its exquisite appearance and 4GB memory became the highlight of this phone. In addition, the machine is equipped with MediaTek 6750 processor, 28nm HPM technology, integrated GPU is Mali-T860MP2, supports LTE Cat.6 technology full CNC. What's more, it sells at a cheaper price. If Android users want a guard machine, HUAWEI V9 Play is a good choice. 
Many Android users buy guard machines for convenience. As a result, they copy some important data onto the guard machine, such as photos and contacts. When our phone suddenly has a problem, such as stolen, we can use the guard machine to contact other people in time. However, many users do not know how to transfer photos and contacts from their Android phone to HUAWEI V9 Play. Well, then I'll explain my approach. 

Phone to Phone Transfer can transfer data across two different phones. When you use Phone to Phone Transfer, you can transfer data from SONY to HUAWEI V9 Play, HUAWEI to HUAWEI V9 Play, Samsung to HUAWEI V9 Play, vivo to HUAWEI V9 Play, LG to HUAWEI V9 Play and so on. It can be used in almost all mobile devices on the market. There are as many as 8 types of data that can be transferred, including text messages, photos, contacts, videos, music, calendars, App, app data, etc.. What's more, its steps are simple. You only need 3 steps and a few minutes to complete the transition. The speed and quality of the transfer are satisfactory, and the data in the phone will not be damaged. 

Step 1. Download, install and run Phone to Phone Transfer    
First, download and install Phone to Phone Transfer on your computer. After you install and run it as requested and prompted, you will get four choices, where you click "Phone To Phone Transfer".  

Step 2. Connect your Android phone and HUAWEI V9 Play to your computer 
There is no doubt that you need to prepare two USB lines and use them to connect your cell phones to your computer. When two  phones are connected to the computer, they will be displayed on both sides of the window, the left should be the old Android  phone, the right should be HUAWEI V9 Play. If the opposite is true, click "Flip".  

Step 3. Select contacts and photos and transfer
Transferable data types are displayed between two mobile phones, including text messages, contacts, photos, etc.. Check contacts and photos for your needs, then click "Start Transfer". When the data starts to move, please keep the connection between the two phones and the computer normal. 

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