Recover Vivo S7/S8/S9/S10 Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos

October 06, 2021
Summary:The most complete recovery guideline of your Vivo S7/S8/S9/S10 Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos/Audio. Here you will get the most correct recovery guide.
Steps are as follow.
Problem Analysis:
Do you know?
Some of your misdeeds are endangering your data security. Will you back up your Vivo S7/S8/S9/S10 Data regularly? To clear your phone storage, do you often format or restore your Vivo phone? Are you inseparable from your mobile phone all the time, so that it is often hit seriously? Are you often click on links where that is unknown? Stop these kinds of behaviors because they all lead to your phone data loss!
Method Outline:
Method 1: Recover Vivo S7/S8/S9/S10 Data with Vivo Cloud.
Method 2: Recover Vivo S7/S8/S9/S10 Data Android Data Recovery.
Method 3: Recover Vivo S7/S8/S9/S10 Data From Backup.
Method 4: Recover Vivo S7/S8/S9/S10 Data through Google Drive.
Method 5: Sync Data from Android Device to Vivo S7/S8/S9/S10.
Method 6: Backup your Vivo S7/S8/S9/S10 Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos/Audio
Method 1: Recover Vivo S7/S8/S9/S10 Data with Vivo Cloud.
First, the easiest and straightforward way to directly utilize your Vivo S7/S8/S9/S10 to recover your data on Vivo Cloud. You don’t need to install additional software. However, to use this method please make sure you have backed up your all your Vivo S7/S8/S9/S10 Data previouly.
Step 1: Open Vivo Cloud app on your device.
Step 2: Next, your backup Date is all display on there or you can search according to the files name Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos/Audio.
Step 3: Choose Data you want to recover and click the start button to begin.

Method 2: Recover Vivo S7/S8/S9/S10 Data Android Data Recovery
Firstly, Android Data Recovery can restore the deleted and lost files including contacts, SMS, photos, pictures, images, videos, audio, call logs, WhatsApp messages, document and more from almost all Android smartphone/tablet/SD card.

Next, it supported Various of Scenarios including blank screen; cracked screen; debugging failed; water damaged; system crash; unresponsive.

Finally, it is safety, professional and easy to operate.
Step 1: Open Android Date Recovery software on PC or you can download it first on the internet.

Step 2: Connect your Vivo S7/S8/S9/S10 to your computer with a USB cable.

Step 3: Select the data types and disk drive in order that the program can scan your device Data. 

Step 4: Look through your Vivo S7/S8/S9/S10 Data and choose from it. Finally to click the “recover” button so that the recovery process can begin.


Method 3: Recover Vivo S7/S8/S9/S10 Data From Backup
What’ more, Android Data Recovery can restore backup to any supported device (Android device or PC/Mac) as you like. You can load all the backup files on your computer and click to preview all the recoverable data, select whose whatever you need and directly restore them to your Android device, or selectively restore these data to your PC/Mac for further use.

Step 1:Launch the software on your computer first and click “Android Date Backup &restore" on the web page.

Step 2: Connecting your Vivo S7/S8/S9/S10 to computer. If you see the screen show you two options-“device date backup”or “one-click restore” then you can choose from one of them. 

Step 3: It is time to select backup Data to recover. Tap on “start" button is the final step.

Method 4: Recover Vivo S7/S8/S9/S10 Data through Google Drive
The use of Google Drive's cloud service for mobile users works fast and runs well, so many mobile users usually use it to back up data, so it is also provide a good way to restore your Vivo S7/S8/S9/S10 backup data.
Step 1: Run on the application and log in to your Google backup account.
Step 2: Then you will see all you Vivo S7/S8/S9/S10 Data have an backup version there. Choose some of the data you want to recover.
Step 3: Finally Click “Restore” button. Then few minutes later your lost Data will save on your Vivo S7/S8/S9/S10.

Method 5: Sync Data from Android Device to Vivo S7/S8/S9/S10
If you find that your previous Android Device has saved you lost Vivo S7/S8/S9/S10 data. There is one more recovery method for you to choose from. At the same time, you should be thankful, because this operational approach is not cumbersome.
The software used this time is Mobile Transfer to sync your data. It is a powerful data transfer software where you can manipulate a lot of seemingly tricky data problems such as transfer Data between Android and Sansung and so on.

Note: This method is only available between Data transfer from Android to Vivo S10/Pro.
Step 1: Open Mobile Transfer on your Vivo device and choose “Phone to Phone Transfer” mode then press “Start”.

Step 2: Linking your original Android Device with computer through a USB cable. After successfully connected your Android Device is display on the  left panel of screen.

Step 3: Few minutes later your device will detected by the application. Choose from you Android Device Data to transfer to your Vivo device. Click "Start Transfer".

Method 6: Backup your Vivo S7/S8/S9/S10 Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos/Audio
Besides all the other functions of Mobile Transfer, including transferring contacts, text messages, photos and other file types directly between devices, it also allow users to backup & restore Data at the most operate steps.
Step 1: Run on Mobile Transfer and click “Back Up Your Phone”.

Step 2: In order to the system can scan Vivo S7/S8/S9/S10 Data you must make sure your Vivo S7/S8/S9/S10 connected to computer through a USB cable. 
Step 3: Choose the Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos in your Vivo device and click “Start Transfer”.  

After finish all the steps your Vivo S7/S8/S9/S10 Data has been backup.

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