Recover Vivo S10/Pro Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos

August 30, 2021
Summary:How to recover Vivo S10/Pro Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos? This could be a huge problem for confusing many people who have once lost their data. You may have searched the Internet many times, but the cumbersome recovery steps have troubled you. So this is a detailed recovery guide. I am sure that you will use it to recover your Vivo S10/Pro Data correctly.

Vivo S10 Pro Info:

The vivo S10 Pro mobile phone will be available on July 15, 2021. The phone has a 6.44 inch touch screen display with a resolution of 1080x2400 pixels and an aspect ratio of 20:9. Vivo S10 Pro is composed of 2GHz Jade Pagoda core MediaTek dimension 1100 processor with 4 cores of 2GHz and 4 cores of 2.6GHz. Supplied with 12GB RAM Vivo S10 Pro runs Android 11 and is driven by 4050mah battery. Vivo S10 Pro supports exclusive high-speed charging.
As for the camera, the vivo S10 pro in the back has a basic camera with 180 million pixels and an F / 1.88 aperture. 8 megapixel camera with F / 2.2 aperture and 2 megapixel camera with F / 2.4 aperture. The rear camera is equipped with auto focus. In front, vivo S10 Pro has a 44 megapixel basic camera with F / 2.0 aperture and a second 8 megapixel camera with F / 2.28 aperture. If necessary: How to factory reset vivo phone.

Vivo S10 Pro runs originos 1.0 based on Android 11 and provides 256gb of built-in storage. Vivo S10 Pro is a dual sim phone that can use nano SIM and nano SIM card. Vivo S10 Pro is 158.20x73.67x7.29mm (HxWxD) in size and 173.00g in weight. Listed in black, gray, lime, velvet and white.
The connection options of vivo S10 Pro include Wi Fi, GPS, Bluetooth v5.20, USB type-C, 3G and 4G (support band 40 used by some LTE networks in India). The sensors of the telephone include accelerometer, peripheral light sensor, compass / magnetometer, flux meter, proximity sensor and display fingerprint sensor.

Problem Analysis:

Your Vivo S10/Pro looks good and makes your experience very good. You like the mobile phone very much and your mobile phone also keeps a lot of your precious data.
But in an accidental cell phone crash, your Vivo S10/Pro Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos/audio/call logs is partially damaged. So to cope with this problem, the following steps will show you the recovery process. In fact, not only the mobile phone data loss caused by severe impact, but also the mobile phone virus invasion, the mobile phone formatted, the wrong operation. Therefore the following method is suitable to all of these occasion. 

Method Outline:

Method 1: Recover Vivo S10/Pro Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos through Android Data Recovery.
Method 2: Recover Vivo S10/Pro Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos from Vivo Cloud.
Method 3: Recover Vivo S10/Pro Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos from Google Drive.
Method 4: Transfer Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos from Android/iphone to Vivo S10/Pro.
Method 5: Backup your Vivo S10/Pro Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos.

Method 1: Recover Vivo S10/Pro Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos through Android Data Recovery.

Use the most outstanding advantages of Android Data Recovery data recovery to directly restore your data even without a backup. Android Data Recovery is the ideal Data Recovery tool to escort your Data.It can restore any data you need from your Android smartphone/tablet/SD card in the easiest way and at the fastest speed. Besides being efficient, it is also safe to restore data.  If necessaray: Transfer data from android/iphone to Vivo S10


Steps to recover data from vivo s10/pro with android data recovery tool:
Step 1: Open Android Data Recovery APP. If not you can download it and install.

Step 2:Connect your Vivo S10/Pro to the PC using a USB line. Remember to click "Android Data Recovery" on home page.

Step 3: Identify your device.
When the connection is successful the system will start scan your device Data.

Step 4: Choose Data you want to restore and determine click “recovery”.


Method 2: Recover Vivo S10/Pro Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos from Vivo Cloud.

Vivo Cloud is a software that provides cloud services to Vivo users and if you use it to back up your data then you can similarly use this measure to restore your data.
Step 1: Open Vivo Cloud on your Vivo S10/Pro desktop.
Step 2: Then all your backup Date is show there and select Data/ Contacts/ Photos/ Messages/ Videos to recover.
Step 3: Tap “confirm” and the recovery process will begin. 

Method 3: Recover Vivo S10/Pro Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos from Google Drive.

If you are regular users of Google Drive then Google Drive is also a good way to recover your data from a backup and you'll find it as easy to operate.
Step 1: Launch Google Drive application on your Vivo S10/Pro and login into the same account with your backup. Then the program will begin loading.
Step 2: Synchronize all your Vivo S10/Pro Backup Data. And next choose Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos.
Step 3:  Click “Recovery” button and begin.

Method 4: Transfer Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos from Android/iPhone to Vivo S10/Pro.

It's good to restore data from backup, but many people don't back up data and in addition to Android Data Recovery above you can use Mobile Transfer software.
It can transfer data between the iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Symbian each other without any loss. Support 6000+ devices and transfer contacts, text messages, photos and other file types directly between devices.

Note: This method is available between Data transfer from Android to Vivo S10/Pro.
Step 1: Open Mobile Transfer software and click “Phone to Phone Transfer” mode next to press on “Start”.

Step 2: Connect your original Android Device to computer with a USB cable. If fully connection  Android Device is show on the left panel of desktop.

Step 3: Wait minutes before your device is detected. Choose you Android Device Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos to transfer. Select from them and click "Start Transfer".


Method 5: Backup your Vivo S10/Pro Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos.

Mobile Transfer is in addition to the features above it can also Backup & Restore Your Data. It can back up almost everything on your mobile phone (including address book, SMS, calendar, call record, photos, music, video, applications, application data, etc.) to your computer. It also support backups of Android, iOS, Sysmbian and most feature phones. It takes only a few minutes to create a secure, complete backup for a mobile phone or tablet — faster than any other tool on the market.
Backup vivo phone data to computer.

Step 1: Open Mobile Transfer and click“Back Up Your Phone”on the homepage.

Step 2: Connect your Vivo S10/Pro to computer so that the system can sync your Data between device.

Step 3: Choose Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos and click “Start Transfer” to backup all you selected Data.

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