[Solved] Recover Deleted Files from Samsung S10

June 21, 2022
Summary: Are you looking for Samsung Galaxy S10 data recovery? Through Android data recovery, the lost or deleted data files in Samsung Galaxy s10 can be quickly recovered, including photos, contact, SMS messages, audio, documents, WhatsApp data, video, audio, files, call history, etc.
Samsung S10 Info:
The galaxy S10 is a perforated design for a single front camera. Yes, we missed the top right corner of the screen, but we didn't think it was sloppy. You'll soon get used to design. If you don't like this function, the top of the monitor has the option to block the camera hole of the black belt.
Later, Samsung uses the same triple camera settings as Samsung Galaxy S10 +. The module also has a heartbeat sensor and a single LED flash.

Samsung shipped the galaxy S10 in boxes. 15W high speed charger, USB-type c-type-a adapter, AKG brand earphone and transparent case are available. The phone is provided by prim white, prim black and prim blue in India, but the advanced version with more storage space can only be used in prim white. In order to check that there is a prim black device.
Problem analysis:
"Samsung S10 bought as soon as it was launched" I'm happy to use it, all my files are transferred from my former S9 to my new phone. I accidentally deleted my son's graduation video yesterday. I want to recover it. It's a pity that the previous mobile phone was given to my cousin, but it was formatted before I gave it to my cousin. Can you pick up that video again? ”
Samsung Galaxy S10 master! For storage, communication and entertainment, we are enjoying the fun of mobile phones every day. However, for cluttered photos, messages, call content, applications, and many duplicate files, performance will degrade. And then clean it up in the spring.
In that case, the worst will happen Accidentally deleted important photos from the gallery or other applications. But please don't panic! After careless deletion, software upgrade and factory initialization, there are many services in Samsung S10 or S10 plus that help to search data files.
The reasons of files loss and deletion in Samsung Galaxy S10/S10 Plus:
Although Samsung's new star is the most powerful mobile phone of the brand, data loss will still affect users. In fact, data loss is common, not sparing devices. It may be one of the following reasons.
System failure
SD card damage
Water damage
Error or simply, error deletion
If you are a proud new user of S10, you don't have to worry about file loss. There are many ways to retrieve lost data in Samsung Galaxy. Just make a backup. Restore the backup or download the file.

Methods to Recover Deleted Files from Samsung S10/S10 Plus:

Method 1: Recover Deleted Files from Samsung S10 with Android Data Recovery
Method 2: Restore deleted samsung s10 files with Samsung Cloud
Method 3: Recover Samsung S10 photos with Recycle Bin
Method 1: Recover Deleted Files from Samsung S10 with Android Data Recovery
Suitable and perfect Samsung S10 data recovery software Android data recovery. Designed to recover lost or deleted data from Samsung Galaxy S10.
It is the most important part of Android data repair software to delete recover lost data from internal memory, external SD card and broken Samsung mobile phone. In addition, data is extracted from Samsung Galaxy smart phones such as Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S20 and Samsung Galaxy s21 with water damage, image damage, formatting, factory initialization, virus infection, locking and routing/routing. Samsung note, Samsung J, Samsung C, Samsung A.

In addition to Samsung phone, Android data recovery program also supports Xiaomi, oppo, vivo, Sony, Google, Meizu, Acer, HTC, LG and other Android phones and tablets.

Steps to Recover deleted files from Samsung Galaxy S10:
Step 1: Connect the Samsung S10 to the computer
Start downloading the software before installing it.
Open it and select "Android Data Recovery" mode.
Connect the galaxy S10 device with the USB cable provided to recover the lost files.

Step 2: Then in the developer option, Samsung S10 activates USB debugging. To do this, follow the instructions on the screen.

Step 3: Select the data type to search for deleted content
Then select the file type to search in the memory of Samsung Galaxy S10.
To continue, click the next button.
Step 4: allow access to Samsung S10 scan data files

Open the window that shows the work that the current software is running.
Step 5: Samsung S10 data retrieval and save to the computer
Scan results in the menu, select the box to return the contact information, information, call records, WhatsApp, gallery, video and other files.

Method 2: Restore deleted samsung s10 files with Samsung Cloud
Samsung Galaxy S10 has built-in "Samsung cloud" function. Samsung cloud backup service developed by Samsung users to backup data to the cloud. If the previous data is backed up to Samsung cloud, the lost contact information, photos, videos, galleries, calendars, memos, etc. can be recovered.
When Samsung Galaxy S10 backs up the Samsung cloud data deleted from the device, please restore the data to Samsung Galaxy S10 according to the next stage.
After unlocking the Samsung Galaxy S10, open the settings application and click the "backup and reset" option. Now click "restore" in "Samsung account".
Method 3: Recover Samsung S10 photos with Recycle Bin
In the case of Samsung Galaxy S10, there are trash cans in the gallery app. If you accidentally delete photos from Samsung Galaxy S10, the actual deleted photos will be moved to the trash can. Therefore, the deleted photos must be modified before using the new data overlay. Therefore, it's better to take new photos or videos with your mobile phone before that. If you want to restore deleted photos as soon as possible, please follow these steps. Samsung Galaxy S10.
Step 1: Unlock photos on Samsung's S10 app.
Step 2: Open the "trash" in the top left menu, and all deleted photos will be displayed carefully.
Step 3: After selecting the photos to be restored, label "restore" to bring the deleted photos back to the gallery.
The deleted photos will be restored and reopened in the gallery application.

Reference: when photos are lost or deleted for more than 60 days, the deleted photos will be deleted from the trash. never mind. Using professional Samsung data repair, you can repair photos deleted by Samsung Galaxy S10 (plus) internal memory and SD card. Please continue to read the wizard below. Samsung Galaxy knows almost how easy it is to recover everything. S10.
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