How to Recover Deleted/Lost Call Logs from Samsung S10?

Post Day 01/26/2019 18:28

Since the emergence of the concept of fingerprint unlocking under the screen, it has been rumored that Samsung will add this function to its flagship aircraft just like the Chinese mobile phone factory. But after a long wait, neither Samsung S9 nor Note 9 was visible.
However, here comes a good news that under the pressure of Chinese mobile phone manufacturers, Samsung finally decided to introduce officially the fingerprint unlocking technology under the screen in the top flagship Galaxy S10/S10+to respond to users'demands.
According to past experience, Samsung Galaxy S10/S10 + will be officially released in MWC 2019, that is, February next year. It will not only have black-tech fingerprints on the screen, but also use a 5.8-inch curved screen with three-camera technology and in-screen camera technology. It is expected to support 5G network. At the same time, Samsung Galaxy S10 may adopt a new generation of Luan 855 chips and self-developed Exynos flagship chips.
Wow! That's really such a good news for those who are satisfied with Samsung Phones' fuctions except the unlocking of fingerprint under screen function. And their delayed purchase maybe that's why. Unlocking of fingerprint under screen sounds very convenient for users to use. Nevertheless, since more and more attention is paid to information security, nowadays if you want to add or delete something, you have to provide your fingerprint, which easily cause the error deletion. You don't have to be worried about that, a magical software called Android Data Recovery- Samsung Data Recovery with powerful recovery functions like recovering your lost or deleted Audios, Documents, SMS Text Messages, Call Logs, Contacts and so forth emerges as the times require no matter the reasons that caused. Moreover, the funtions that can be used by any Android Devices (OPPO, ZTE, HTE, Samsung,Vivo, LG, HUAWEI, etc.) is the shining point at the market. 

Steps to recover Deleted Call Logs from Samsung S10 are as followings.
Step 1. Run and concatenate.
At the beginning, you ought to finish the software download, install process. For more details, you might as well click the links above or log in the official website. Then please concatenate your Samsung S10 to your computer via the USB cable after running the Android Data Recovery. 

Step 2. Enable USB debugging on your Samsung S10.
In the following, please enable USB debugging on your devices to have it detected automactically. This is a quiet significant process, please make sure that you take this step after complete connection. Otherwise, please make a re-try.

Step 3. Select file types to scan.
If it goes well, you will catch sight of "Media" and "Contacts&Messages", the two main file types of the data. You are supposed to seleect "Call Logs" which belongs to "Contacts&Messages" if you want to recover deleted Call Logs. Just tick it to get it scanned and patiently wait for a short time. 

Step 4. Preview and pick up the ones to recover.
Right at the moment that all the specific items appear after the scanning process, you could preview them carefully and pick up the ones you would to be recovered. Then click "Recover" to finish.

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