How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 7 without Losing Data

December 21, 2017
Users can unlock by Iris and painted patterns Samsung Note 7, and friends said Iris scan unlock the iris is unlocked, thus confirming Samsung Note 7 will support iris recognition.
In addition, the function description, can be seen in the use of iris unlock, you need to keep the distance between 25cm-35cm face with the phone screen, and then the eye on the screen within the display out of the two circles, and then to unlock the phone. According to friends broke the news, Samsung Note 7 iris unlocked at night can still be carried out, because it is through the iris of the eye to unlock, rather than face unlock. Iris recognition rate unlock higher than users called fingerprint to unlock faster.
Samsung, the giant mobile phone industry, the annual emergence of a new science and technology or a new flagship black design will lead Android's big trend, domestic brands have deep impact.

"I have two phones, iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 7. I haven't used Samsung Galaxy Note 7 since I got iPhone 5. It was  a long time. However, recently I found there are some data I still need on Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Unfortunately, I forget the screen lock password on Samsung Galaxy Note 7. I have tried for many times, but the lock can't open."
What should we do when we forget the password of our phone screen locked?  That question is no longer a "question" because we have Unlock Samsung Tool.
As the most professional recovery tool, Unlock Samsung Tool can recover deleted or lost data on the phone, fix bricked or broken phone and remove the screen lock of the phone. In the aspect of screen lock, remove PIN, patterns, number password and fingerprint screen lock without losing any data on your phone. By the way, it fits 6000+ Android devices.


Steps to unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 7 without losing data.

Step 1.Choose "Android Lock Screen Removal"
Launch Unlock Samsung Tool on the computer and choose "More Tool" from the left side of the window. 
Then select "Android Lock Screen Removal”. 
Next, please connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to the computer by using USB cable.
Click "Start" button to begin the removal.

Step 2.Get Your Device Entered Download Mode
Please,follow the following guidance to make your device enter Download Mode.
1.Turn off your phone.
2.Press and hold volume down + home button + power button simultaneously.
3.Press the volume up to enter download mode.
Step 3. Download Recovery Package
After entering the download mode, Unlock Samsung Tool will begin downloading the Download Recovery Package automatically and match the correct model for your device.
Step 4. Remove Screen Lock without Losing Any Data
When the download completes, the Android lock screen removal begins to work for you. Soon, a sign of “Removed password completed” will appear.
You can confirm whether your phone still has a password for the screen or not. Generally, you can access your phone without any screen lock password and all data on your phone is intact.

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