How to Recover Lost Data from Factory Reset Motolora

June 24, 2016
"Yesterday, I arrived the office but found my Motorola phone left at home. I need to use my phone at work, so I had to go home to get my phone. When I returned home, my naughty son gave me a big surprise. He played my phone casually and made the phone reset to factory. I was nearly crazy because I hadn’t backed up any data previously. The files I needed for work were gone. Luckily, when I told this situation to my boss, he didn’t blame on me and introduced a kind of tool about data recovery to me. Thinks god, that tool really saved my life. It recovered the lost data from my Motorola immediately, which made me finish my work in order."

What’s tool it is? You must be curious about that. To smart phone users, missing data is a common phenomenon. Users are more and more concerned about the data recovery on the phone, so they must want to find the professional tool to assist them. Do you want to restore lost data easily and quickly? Well, Motolora Data Recovery is the best choice for you. We guarantee that Motolora Data Recovery is all users ideal data recovery software.
Motolora Data Recovery is fully compatible with 6000+ Android devices, like Motorolaļ¼ŒSamsung, LG, HTC and so on. It can help you regain your lost contacts, messages, music, documents and other more. In conclusion, it is no exaggeration to say that this software is the world’s 1 st Android smart phone and tablet recovery software. With this software, the lost data is not lost because it can recover files from many common scenarios, so even after factory reset it can fix the problem without pressure.


Steps to Recover Lost Data from Factory Reset Motorala


Step 1. Run Motolora Data Recovery on the Computer

Launch Motolora Data Recovery on the PC and connect your Motorala via USB cable. Once you decide to use it, close any other Android phone management software except for Motolora Data Recovery.

Tips: When your device is connected, you need to enable USB debugging, otherwise your device may not be recognized and the software can’t work. If your device is recognized and detected quickly, you can skip this little step.


Step 2. Choose the File Type to Scan

You can check the files you want to restore and then click on “Next” button to enter next new window.


Step 3. Analyze and Scan Your Phone for the Lost Data

Select one scanning mode that matches your device. There are two mode you can choose,“Standard Mode” and “Advanced Mode”. 
We advise you choose “Standard Mode” first. However, if the base root fails, select the “Advanced Mode”. After that, click on “Start” to scan your device.

Notes: Ensure the battery power of your device is no less than 20% in advance. During the scanning, you need to be patient and when you meet a Superuser authorization, just press "Allow" button to confirm it.


Step 4. Preview and Restore Data from Your Motolora

In this section, you can check all deleted data after factory reset from your phone and select the needed flies. Click on “Recover” button to save the selective files on your computer.

Notes: Turn on "Display deleted files only" button to separate the deleted and existing files, if you want. Another way to distinguish them is using the search function on the top right to search what you need in the scan result.
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