4 Ways to Restore Deleted/Lost Data on Realme V5

November 17, 2020
Summary: Now that data is becoming more and more important, improper operation can lead to its loss. This is an article about recovering deleted and lost data from Realme V5 no matter with or without backup.
In terms of performance configuration, Realme V5 is equipped with Dimensity 720 5G chip, which uses the TSMC 7nm process and eight-core CPU commonly used in flagship chips, and the GPU uses Mail-G57 to provide strong performance. Realme V5 uses a rear four-camera matrix camera module, a combination of 48 million main camera + 119° super wide-angle lens + 4cm super macro lens + black and white portrait lens, 48 million main camera adopts f/1.8 large aperture 6P lens camera, 1/A 2-inch 48-megapixel sensor with an equivalent focal length of 25mm. It uses a 5000mAh power bank-level large battery, it supports 30W smart flash charging technology, uses high-current direct charging, the charging conversion rate is as high as 99%, and the trickle charging speed is doubled.
Realme V5 is a thousand yuan mobile phone, at this price, its price/performance ratio is very good. Therefore, its sales volume is very impressive. Have you already encountered the loss of important data in your Realme V5 due to improper operation? Are you busy because of restoring data? Want to simply restore those lost data? Please calm down and keep reading this article.

Method 1. Restore Data from Realme V5 from Local Backup

Backup is not unfamiliar to many Realme users, because they have the habit of regular backup, or have backed up their Realme phone data. If you also get a local backup or Realme cloud backup, then you can follow the below steps to get back the lost data.

Step 1. Go to Settings > Additional Settings > Back Up and Reset > Backup & Restore, then choose a backup file as you like.
Step 2. As you can see, all the recoverable files will be listed, choose those what you want to start the restoration.

Method 2. Restore Data from Realme V5 from Google Drive

Google Drive allocates 15GB of free storage space to each user, which allows users to upload important files to the cloud hard drive to avoid loss. If you've ever synced your data from Realme V5 with Google Drive, then you can follow the below steps to get the lost data back.

Step 1. Run Google Drive on your Realme V5 and login if required.
Step 2. Then press the "My Drive" option to view all the uploaded or backup files.
Step 3. Select the file according to your need to download it to your device.
Step 4. The file will be saved to the corresponding path. Please be patient and wait until the recovery is complete. Please do not use your phone or shut down during this process.

Method 3. Directly Restore Data on Realme V5 without Backup (Recommended)

There are too many situations that cause data loss, accidental deletion, system crash, memory card damage, etc. If you don't have any backup files, don't worry, you can also use the following methods to recover lost data from your Realme V5.
Android Data Recovery is specially developed for recovering data, so there is no need to question its ability to recover data. Now, introduce its function in detail. First of all, there are many types of data that can be recovered, such as call logs, text messages, contacts, voice memos, photos, videos, music, documents, etc. Then, it is very compatible, not only for OPPO, but also for all Android phones. In addition, it can not only recover data lost due to improper operation, but also recover data lost due to virus attacks, system crashes, equipment failures, etc. The most important thing is that it is highly secure and will not leak your information.

Step 1: First download, install and run the program on your computer. Three modes will appear on the main interface. Please select and click "Android Data Recovery", and then connect Realme V5 to your computer with a USB cable. The connection progress bar will appear on the main interface.

Step 2: After you fully enter the program, it will automatically detect your Android version. You need to turn on USB debugging according to the steps provided by the program, and then click "OK".

Step 3: Now the main interface will show a list of recoverable data, then please tick the type of data you need to recover, confirm and click "Next". Then the program will scan your phone.

Note: Here, the program needs permission to scan for deleted and lost data. If your device pops up a window, remember to click on the "Allow" button to make sure the request is remembered. If your device does not pop up such a window, please click "Retry" to try again.

Step 4: After the scan is successful, the type of recoverable data will be displayed on the left side of the interface. You need to preview and confirm the data type, and then click "Recover". All data that needs to be recovered will be saved on your computer. Please be patient, the length of time required for recovery is directly proportional to the amount of recovered data.


Method 4. Restore Data from Backup to Realme V5

Step 1: Run the program on the computer, and then click "Android Data Backup & Restore" on the main interface.

Step 2: Now please use USB to connect Realme V5 to the computer.
Step 3: Click "Device Data Restore" or "One-Click Restore" on the main interface.

Step 4: Select the backup you need from the backup list, and then click "Start" to preview all recoverable file types in the selected backup.

Select the required data, and then click “Restore to Device” or “Restore to PC” to save them all to the device.

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