How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy J1/J2/J3/J5/J7

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To be frank, mobile phone is playing a more and more important role in our lives. From my view, Work or entertainment, my mobile phone is important to my life. Fristly, mobile phone can help me finish my work batter and more expediently. For example, I can send email to my partner if the problems of our work has been exposed. We also can discuss and find a way to settle problem by social software on our phone. Futher more, mobile phone can keep us in contact with events of the world. Let me put it another way, mobile phone replaced the function of the newspaper. Most important, mobile phone can make us relax such as you can enjoy comedy or play mobile games by your mobile phone. As far as I'm concerned, the mobile phone makes our lives more convenient and it becoming more and more important. 
This Thanksgiving, I choose the 2016 version of Samsung Galaxy J2 as a Thanksgiving present. Samsung Galaxy J series repositioning of the young consumer market, it not only is inexpensive, but also has a beautiful appearance. Most important, it is quite serviceable and affordable. However, if someday you forgot your lock code of Samsung Galaxy J1/J2/J3/J5/J7, what do you do? Someone will ask for help in the mobile phone repair shop, I also used to do it. But yesterday I find a batter method that it was recommended by my best friend Lily, I'm so happy because I found that it's really wonderful! Therefore I decide to share the way to you. Lily recommended a software called "Android Lock Screen Removal" to me, Android Lock Screen Removal can remove the screen lock of our mobile phone that it will not make our data disappear. According to the guidance of Lily, I removed my Samsung Galaxy J2 lock code by Android Lock Screen Removal successfully. Let's follow me that I will show you the way.
Attention please: The Android Lock Screen Removal will let you remove the password of PIN, patterns, password and fingerprint.


Steps to Unlock Samsung Galaxy J1/J2/J3/J5/J7


Step 1. Enter the unlocking mode and connect your phone

Launch the program on your computer and select "Unlock" among all the toolkits. Then, using a USB cable connect your Samsung Galaxy J1/J2/J3/J5/J7 to computer.

When your phone is detected by the program, you can click on "Start" to skip to the next step.

Step 2. Select the correct device model

Because the packages of different mobile phone models are different, please select the correct device model to protect your phone from being bricked or other problem beyond any remedy. You can find all supported device models in the list as below.

Before skipping to the next step, please type "confirm" to reconfirm the device model, making sure the device model you choosed is suited.


Step 3. Enter the download mode

According to the guidance of the program, you are required to get your Samsung Galaxy J1/J2/J3/J5/J7 into Download Mode by following the below 3 simple steps: 
1. Shutdown of your phone.
2. Press and hold volume down + home button + power button at the same time.
3. Press the volume up to enter download mode.


Step 4. Download recovery package

Once your phone has been got into the download mode, please wait a minute because the software will automatically download the corresponding recovery package for your phone.


Step 5. Remove lock screen for your phone

After finishing to download the recovery package, the program will begin to unlock your Samsung Galaxy J1/J2/J3/J5/J7. In these processes, you don't need to worry about your data, because almost no data loss risk. If the whole progress is finished, you can access your Galaxy J1/J2/J3/J5/J7 without entering any password and view all your data on the device with no limits.


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