How to Wipe All Data from Android Permanently

February 22, 2016

With the rapid development of science and technology, the improvement of communication network technology, endless stream of new mobile phones,Mobile phone is no longer just a communication tool, but also a fashion. Good performance, cool appearance has become the first choice for young people to change their mobile phone, which is a new trend in the consumption of young people.
In 2015,Mobile portal PhoneArena released a survey, “how often do you change the smart phone?" , there are nearly 3000 people voted. The results show that nearly 35% of users believe that 2 years is the most ideal update cycle; In addition to the choice of a year, and more than two years before the exchange of users are about 25%; choose a year for less than 15%.
We can not deny that people are now changing the phone's frequency is getting higher and higher.
With a new cell phone,how to deal with the old phone? Some young people said, idle old mobile phones can be sold to businesses, but also can be given to friends and family.
So, in order to protect our personal privacy, delete the information in the old phone permanently is very necessary. I will introduce the two methods.I will wipe the information in the Android phone as an example.
Next are the two methods with different tool you can choose.

Method 1: You can use “Erase All Data” by Mobile Trans.

PS:Mobile Trans is a safe and effective data processing software. It can completely remove your phone data, to ensure that your mobile phone data is not compromised and can not be restored.


Step 1.Download the Mobile Trans from the official website and install it according to the prompts. Then, run the program. You will see the program interface as shown below. Click "Erase Your Old Phone".


Step 2.Connect your Android phone to your PC via a USB cable.

Step 3.At this time your program’s interface as shown below, please carefully read the text. After the confirmation, type "Delete" in the box to confirm the deletion and click "Erase Now".


Step 4.When your data is deleted, as shown in the following figure.


Method2: You can use “Erase All Data  (Android)” by iOS SafeEraser

PS:iOS SafeEraser is a powerful software to clean up the device. It has enough ability to permanently remove your data.It can thoroughly remove the phone's data to protect your privacy. This software is mainly used in the iOS system products, Android phones can only use a feature "Erase All Data". 
Step 1.You should download and install the software from the official website, and then run it.You will see the main interface as shown in figure.
Step 2.Then,use a USB cable to connect your Android phone to your computer, and the program will show you the phone's storage condition on the left.
Step 3.Select the first feature-Erase all Data
Step 4.Carefully read the text on the interface, after the confirmation,type "Delete" in the box to confirm the deletion and click "Erase Now".
Step 5.When your data is deleted, as shown in the following figure.
Note:Throughout the operation, Please do not disconnect your Android Phone .
Tips:You'd better back up your old mobile phone to your computer. You can use Mobile Trans to back up your files to your computer.
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