How to Erase All Data from Samsung Galaxy Phone

January 29, 2016
Samsung Galaxy series intelligent mobile phone, overall positioning in the high-end market, which is boutique in Samsung series phone. Many users will choose Galaxy series mobile phones, because of its Galaxy exclusive milk music streaming broadcast application. But with the Galaxy generation after generation of upgrades, loyal fans tend to replace the new phone. So, how do they deal with the old Galaxy? A lot of Samsung users will choose to resell it or give it away to others. However, there are a lot of personal information storing on the phone, how to ensure that the content of mobile phones do not being leaked? At this time, we need to completely delete the information on the phone. But as we all know, even the deleted files can be restored by some professional data recovery softwares, who can guarantee that we are completely delete the phone information without coming back? Don't worry, Mobile Transfer is the ideal choice which can solve this problem.

Mobile Transfer is a safe and effective software. It can not only transfer the data from phone to phone, but also completely delete the data on almost any Android devices. In addition, it is also able to back up the phone data to the computer, as well as to restore the contents of the backup to the phone. This is a versatile software, you deserve to have it. Now let me tell you how to erase all data from Samsung Galaxy Phone.

One Click to Erase All Data from Samsung Galaxy Phone


Step 1. Launch the Mobile Transfer

Firstly, run Mobile Transfer after downloading and installing it. You will see the main interface. There are 4 tabs, including “Phone to Phone Transfer”,“Restore From Backups”,“Back Up Your Phone” and “Erase Your Old Phone”. Based on all deleted data cannot being recovered, so before wiping your phone, we suggest you to backup your Samsung data to computer first, so you should click "Back Up Your Phone" and go on.

Step 2. Connect Your Galaxy Phone to Computer and Backup Your Data

After you click”Back Up Your Phone”, there is "Please connect a source phone via USB" in the left panel, so you should connect your Galaxy to your PC via USB. After the connection is successful, the box will show you your phone. Check the files you wish to back up, simple click "Start Copy" to begin the backup process.

When the backup process is finish, click "OK" and press "Back to homepage", when you back to the main interface again, now you can click on "Erase Your Old Phone" to begin erase your phone data.

Step 3. Erase All Data from Your Galaxy Phone

Skip to next screen, please reading the four items in the box carefully on the right side of the note, after confirmation, enter "delete" in the enter box, click on“Erase Now”. 
Wait for a while when the data is completely deleted, it will pop up a dialog box, please follow the tips in the dialog to restore your phone to factory settings, aftter that, click "OK". The whole process has been completed. Now your phone hesitate a new device, you can rest assured to deal with it.
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