How to Erase All Data and Settings from HTC Permanently

January 31, 2016
With the continuous upgrade of mobile phones,it makes people liking the new and hating the old.They usually send old phone to people or put online to sell after get a new phone.Of course, most people will restore factory settings or format before the old mobile phone changed hands.However,can you put a data clear completely? Recently,CNET website  has told us a terrible truth: even if you put the phone restore factory settings, others may also can retrieve your personal privacy data with the help of some data recovery softwares.
Security software provider Avast made a test: They bought 20 used Android phones on the Internet to explore if they still retained some personal data after returned to the factory settings. The results are striking. With the help of some ready-made digital forensics software (for example FTK Imager, Android Data Recovery, etc.). Avast returned more than 4 million photos, more than 1000 Google search records, at least 750 emails and text messages, more than 250 contact name and email address, etc. Therefore, restore the phone’s factory settings are not insured. So, how can we solve this problem? Here I recommend a software - Mobile Transfer.

Mobile Transfer is a safe and powerful software which can completely delete all the information on the phone, so that we have no worries. Secondly,it can transfer data from one phone to another phone directly even they running different operating system. In addition, it is also able to back up the phone data to the computer, as well as to restore the contents of the backup to any supported phone. This is a versatile, secure yet effective software.
We know that HTC as a pioneer in the Android, even has made the world's First Android phone. But in recent years, bad marketing, confusing naming methods, coupled with increasingly fierce market competition, leading the company into a dilemma. And recently many HTC users want to put their HTC used to deal with, but they don’t know how to use the Mobile Transfer to erase the contents of the phone completely. So now let us learn how to use Mobile Transfer to erase the contents of the HTC phone.
Tip: When all the data are wiped by this software, nothing can be restored even using the most professional recovery tool, therefore you’d better backup your phone’s data to computer before you wiping your data, and you also can backup HTC phone data to computer easily by using this Mobile Transfer with a click.


Steps to Permanently Erase All Data and Settings from HTC


Step 1. Run the Mobile Transfer

To begin with, you should download the software according to the prompts. Then,install and run it. There are 4 solutions in the main interface,including“Phone to Phone Transfer”,“Restore From Backups”,“Back Up Your Phone” and “Erase Your Old Phone”. You should click "Erase Your Old Phone".

Step 2. Connect Your HTC Phone to Computer

After you click “Erase Your Old Phone”, there is "Please connect a source phone via USB" in the left pane, so you should connect your HTC to your PC via USB. After the connection is successful, the box will show your phone in the left panel.

Step 3. Erase All Data and Settings from Your HTC Phone

Next, reading the four items in the box carefully on the right side of the note, after confirmation, enter "delete" in the enter box and click the blue box “Erase Now”to let the program start wiping your phone.
The wiping process will not spend too much of your time, just depends on the amount of your data size. When it is finished, you will see a pop up window shown as below. Follow the instructions to finish the process on your Android phone, to restore your phone to factory settings. If done, click "OK".

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