How to Transfer Data from Windows Phone to Samsung S9/S9+

April 13, 2018
"I have been trying to figure how to switch my contacts over to my Samsung S9. I had a Nokia Lumia 520 and I really don't want to manually put my phone book in, but I don't see where they were saved. If you have easy way to transfer contacts from Windows phone to Samsung S9, please let me know."
When changing a Windows phone to Android, the two devices based on different operating systems, it is quite difficult to move data. Luckily enough, I have found a professional transfer tool named Mobile Transfer that helps different mobile phones with data transmission.
Mobile Transfer would be one of the best choices for you. Mobile Transfer is an all-in-one phone data transfer tool that capable to transfer data from Windows phone to Android devices, iOS devices and any other supported phones. With it, you can easily transfer contacts, photos, music, videos and more within one click. Besides, you are allowed to backup and restore your phone data with the help of this program, as well as wiping all the data on your Android devices. Next, please follow us and learn how to move all of that precious data from the old Windows phone to your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+.


Steps to Transfer Data from Windows Phone to Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+


Transfer from OneDrive Backup to Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

Step 1. Back Up Contacts from Windows Phone to OneDrive
1. Turn on your Windows phone, tap "All Apps" and choose "Settings" on the next screen.

2. Skip to the next screen, choose "email+accounts" > "add an account" option to set up your email, contacts and other more information.

3. Enter your email address and password to sign in your Microsoft account including,,, and MSN.

4. Once your account has been successfully signed in, you can backup contacts from the your Windows phone to OneDrive automatically.

Step 2. Choose a Transfer Mode and Connect Your Phone
Run Mobile Transfer on your computer so that can select a solution from the home page. Choose "Restore from Backups" and press "OneDrive". At the same time, please connect your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ to the computer with USB cable.

Step 3. Sign in OneDrive
You are required to sign in OneDrive account and authorize the permission. Click "Sign in". Then enter your OneDrive account which you use to back up contacts earlier. Then accordingly input the password. Then click the button "Yes" in the pop-up to grant the program to analyze OneDrive info.

Step 4. Transfer the Selected Data
Analyzed successfully! The program have extracted the transferable data from your OneDrive account and automatically helped you choose file type like Contacts and more. Just simpole click "Start Transfer", the software will start copying. The data from OneDrive will be seamlessly switched to the Samsung S9/S9+.

Tips: When copying, please do not eject your phone from the program. During the progress, you can see the status of each item.

Transfer Data from Windows Phone to Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

Step 1. Connect your two devices to the computer
Run Mobile Transfer on your computer, then find and click on "Phone to Phone Transfer" on the primary interface, press "Start" to go on.

Then use USB cables to connect your two devices to PC. Please make sure that you have enabled USB debugging on your phones in connection. You can see the moving path of the data and you can use the "Flip" button to exchange their position.

Step 2. Choose the file and start to transfer
You can see the data types that can be transferred in the middle of the screen, such as photos, music, videos and so on. Select the data whose you wanted. Then click on "Start Transfer" to begin the process.

Step 3. Successful transfer
Wait patiently for a few minutes, the data will be transferred successfully. To ensure the smooth transmission of data, please remember not to disconnect your phones during the transfer process. 

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