Transfer Contacts SMS Photos Apps from Sony to HTC M10

April 15, 2016
Have you ever heard of the software Mobile Switcher? Maybe some people who once had a necessity of transferring data between phones have heared about it. If not, I think after hearing what I said, you will be eager to have a good command of this useful software.So what is it? It is an ideal software for transferring data between Android, Symbian, WinPhone and iOS devices, and backuping and restoring phone data effortlessly.

To be honest, I began to know Mobile Switcher in an occasional situation. Due to buying a new smartphone, HTC One M10, I needed to transfer the data such as contacts, SMS, call history, photos and apps from my old Sony phone to M10. Of course, I would't choose a stuip way to transfer all the data I want one by one for the reason that it was just a waste of time to do such a boring thing. Therefore, a software for transferring data was a necessity for me and luckily I found the Moblie Switcher which was introduced by my friends.
With its help, it is just a piece of cake for me to transfer the contacts, sms, photos, apps from my Sony phone to HTC One M10. Thus, I think it is indispensible for me to share this helpful software with you because probably all of us will meet a problem for data transfer sometime. I consider it will be a good helper for you. So how to use this software. There are five steps in all, as shown in the following steps.


Tutorial: Transfer Contacts SMS Photos Apps Call Logs and More from Sony to HTC M10

Step 1.Download, install and launch the Mobile Switcher.

Step 2. Click on "Start" which is under the "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode.
Step 3. Connect your Sony and HTC One M10 to the computer via USB cables, then waiting for Moblie Switcher to recognize both devices.

To copy the contents you would like, you can switch the source and destinations phones by clicking on the "Flip" button above.

Step 4. Select the data you would like to transfer and check the boxes. You can check the "Clear data before copy" if you want to wipe the destination phone before transferring data.
Step 5. Make a click on "Start Copy" to begin. Be sure to keep your Sony and HTC One M10 connected through the entire process to ensure that the process goes smoothly.

Believe me, after having a use of Mobile Switcher, you will know its charm and you are certain to depend on this software no matter how you need to transfer data between phones. It is just a extremely safe and risk-free software, just have a try.

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