How to Transfer Samsung Data to Samsung Galaxy Note 10?

July 13, 2019
Summary: If you want to transfer a lot of data from Samsung mobile phone to another Samsung Note 10 mobile phone with higher configuration, what should you do? In fact, you can easily complete the data transfer as described below.
On July 10th, Samsung officially released a trailer for Galaxy Note 10. The Galaxy Note 10 series will be officially released at the Unpacked event on August 7th at 4:00 pm EST. In the trailer, Samsung showed that it is very cumbersome to transfer files through the computer and U disk when working. It requires a lot of different devices. Now, Samsung decided to upgrade the DeX function to make the office easier. DeX can convert your phone to a computer. The Galaxy Note connects to an external display via S-Pen and DEX, and the information is placed on the display for a large screen mode, making it easy for users to multitask. In the core configuration, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series is expected to be equipped with Qualcomm Xiaolong 855 flagship platform, which is the high-end product of Qualcomm this year. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 also comes with four cameras, including a 12-megapixel camera with traditional field of view, a 12-megapixel telephoto camera with 2x optical zoom, a 16MP ultra-wide camera and a 3D ToF camera.
Recently, the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note10 has attracted a lot of attention. If you usually like to use a Samsung mobile phone and want to upgrade a higher-profile Samsung mobile phone as your new mobile phone, perhaps the Samsung Galaxy Note10 is a good choice.It's a pleasure to use a mobile phone with a higher configuration, but it's a hassle to transfer data when the old and new phones alternate.Smartphones are the little assistants we carry with us. We use it to record the bits and pieces of life and use it to assist in the work business. Therefore, it stores a lot of important data, such as some documents, notes, photos, contacts, etc. If you change a new cell phone, you often need to transfer data from the old cell phone to the new one, but because there has been no more efficient way to assist in transmission, we often spend a lot of time and energy, with the help of USB, Bluetooth and other tools to transmit data one by one. In fact, all you need is a more efficient Phone To Phone Transfer software, which can easily transfer data from Android to Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in just a few minutes so that you can easily use your new phone.
Best Method: Transfer data from Android to Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with Phone To Phone Transfer.
If you need to transfer data, Phone To Phone Transfer is undoubtedly the best way. It is a professional data transfer tool with practical functions and strong compatibility. With it, you can easily transfer Samsung Note 10 data to Samsung Note 10. The operation procedure is very simple. You only need to connect the device and select the data to be transmitted for one-click transmission. Phone To Phone Transfer can automatically copy the data and transmit it quickly. In addition to files, it also supports the transmission of contacts, photos, videos, call records, applications and so on. In addition, to meet your actual needs, it not only supports data transmission between Samsung phones, but also between almost any two Android phones. In short, we will inevitably encounter data transmission problems in the process of using smartphones, and only need a Phone to Phone Transfer software, you can no longer worry about the future. It is a real practical mobile assistant.
Models Included: Samsung Galaxy note 10/note 9/note 8/note 5/note 4,etc.
Data Included: text messages, call history, contacts, photos, videos,files and more.

Below we will demonstrate how to transfer data from Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to Samsung Galaxy.
Step 1: Download and install Phone To Phone Transfer.
After downloading and installing the Phone To Phone Transfer program on your computer, start the program on your computer.
Step 2: Connect the mobile device to the computer using two USBs.
When the old Samsung mobile phone and the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 are connected to the PC respectively, the two devices will be displayed as "source" and "destination" on the PC, and the data will be transmitted from "source" to "destination". Therefore, you need to set the old Samsung mobile phone to "source" and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to "destination". You can adjust position by clicking the "flip" button between mobile phones, and then clicking the "start" button. Phone to Phone Transfer will automatically scan the data of the "source" device and display it.

Step 3: Copy the data and transfer it to Samsung Galaxy Note 10.
After step 2, you can get all the data of the old Samsung data, click on the data you need, such as contacts, photos, information, etc., and then click "Transfer", so that you can safely and quickly copy the data to Samsung Galaxy Note 10. After waiting for the transmission progress to complete, click the OK button.

Free to Transfer Contacts From Android To iPhone
Here are the steps involved:
1:Disconnect From Android
First log out of your Google account on your Android phone. Make sure you log out anywhere. Then, it's a good idea to reset your phone to factory settings to make sure all devices are actually disconnected.
2:Go To Your iPhone Settings
Next, launch the iPhone and go to Settings -> Accounts and Passwords.

Then click "Add Account." If your iPhone is new, you may not have an account stored in this section at all. I have stored some accounts since I started using the iPhone in 2012.

3:Choose Your Email Provider
Click on your email provider. In this case, it is obviously Google.

You will then be prompted to log in. If you have 2-step authentication enabled on your account (and should be enabled), this is another step you need to perform.

4:Switch On Contacts
After successfully logging in, you will see the following screen.
To sync your Google contacts with your iPhone, the Contacts option must be switched to green. Now press "Save" in the top right corner and you will see the new account in the list.
If you enter a regular account, it will appear as "gmail" on this screen. However, if you have your own domain email via Google Suite, then it will be displayed on this screen as an email address.
5:Check Your Contacts
If you go to the Contact Lists app or access the Contact List via the Phone app, you should now be able to see the contacts shown.
Sometimes they arrive immediately, sometimes it takes a while. Because you are synchronizing from your Google account, you are dependent on the speed of their servers. However, considering Google, you don't have to wait that long.
If The Contacts Still Don’t Appear
* Check to make sure that the email address you logged in with actually contains your contacts. If you use several email addresses, it is very easy to mix them up.
* Make sure the Contacts option is toggled to green.
* If that doesn’t solve it, restart your phone. Sometimes all it needs is a nudge.
* If that doesn’t fix it, remove the account from the phone and start again. But it shouldn’t get to this stage.

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