How to Transfer Data from Samsung Phone to OnePlus 6

December 28, 2017
OnePlus company released a OnePlus 5T in a few weeks ago, and its sales volume has reached a record. A month after the launch of the OnePlus 5T, a new flagship phone will be launched. And there is news that the design of this mobile phone is even better, even catching up with the iPhone X.
Obviously, OnePlus 6 will be released soon, and the phone will have better design and improved hardware. According to the GizmoChina report, OnePlus 6 will be equipped with a fingerprint sensor underneath the display screen. In addition, OnePlus 6 will also be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip.
OnePlus's market share is increasing, and people are getting more and more looking forward to new OnePlus phone. There are many friends around me that are going to buy OnePlus 6 and give up the original Samsung phone. And I'm studying a question, how do they transfer data from a Samsung phone to OnePlus 6? Normally, people will transfer useful data from old phones to new phones, but what are the methods that are convenient and accurate? In my understanding, I found that they all used a software - Mobile Transfer.
Mobile Transfer has the advantages of simple, safe, clean, and comprehensive. It can be used for almost existing mobile devices in the market, such as Samsung, HUAWEI, OnePlus, iPhone, OPPO, HTC, LG, Sony, ViVo, Google, Nokia and so on, making it possible to transfer data to two different mobile phones. And basically, the data on the phone almost can be transferred, including SMS, contacts, photos, video, msuic, call history, App data, etc.. The whole process takes only 3 steps. In general, the data can be transferred in a short period of time. More importantly, the data in the mobile phone is safe and no one can get them.


One Click to Switch All Data from Old Samsung Phone to OnePlus 6



Step 1. Download, install and run Mobile Transfer

First, download and install Mobile Transfer on your computer. Then, select "Phone to Phone Transfer" after running it, and click on "Start" to move on.


Step 2. Connect your Samsung and OnePlus 6 to the computer

Use the USB cables to connect your phones to your computer. When two phones are successfully connected, they will be displayed on both sides of the window, and the old Samsung phone should be displayed on the left. If not, click "Flip".


Step 3. Start Transferring data from Samsung to OnePlus 6

When your phones are detected, all the transferable file types will be listed, select the data you want to transfer, such as contacts, then click "Start Transfer" button, and the program will start transferring the data you selected to your OnePlus 6. When the sync progress is over, click "OK" to end it.

Note: In the process of transfer, please ensure that the both of your phones are connected well to the computer.
In addition to sync data from phone to phone, Mobile Transfer also allows you to back up your phone data, restore all these data from backup to any supported phone in a click, as well as permanently erasing all data from your Android devices. It's a very useful and powerful software, isn't it?


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