How to Transfer Samsung Contacts to LG G5

December 25, 2015
Recently, some suspected LG G5's renderings were leaked. From this, we learned that compared to the previous G series, LG G5 have a greater change: Dual-lens design, equipped with 5.3 inches touch screen, support for 2K resolution, etc. In the shape, LG G5 no longer use conventional style, the body tends to slender, the back is the common three-stage design of all-metal models, and loaded with dual cameras, Touch ID.
As for LG G5 in the functional configuration attractive place is the use of a dual-lens design, allegedly were 800 million pixels and 16 million pixels, support laser autofocus and built-in chromatographic sensor. Meanwhile, LG G5 will also use a Touch ID which is the same as LG V10, and integrated into the power button on the back, so as enable to fingerprint unlocking, mobile payments and privacy protection, ect.
But different from the earlier argument, this time the leaked information display that LG G5 will be loaded with 5.3-inches touch screen, and supports 2K resolution; will carries Snapdragon 820 processor, but did not have 4GB of RAM, only wiht 3GB of RAM, is expected to have 32GB and 64GB capacity versions to choose.
Although the final design has yet to be confirmed, but so many old Samsung phone and LG users are wanting to buy this new LG G5. So, we wrote this article to tell you how to transfer data like contacts from your old Samsung device to LG G5 with the help of Mobile Transfer.
Since its launch, Mobile Transfer is invariably occupying the top of the data transfer tool list of the downloading. Not just because of its safety and easy-to-use, more important is its powerful data transfer capability, which enables to transfer data from phone to phone, including contacts, text messages, call history, photos, videos, calender, music and apps. Besides, the program provides two trial version for use to have a try, don't worry about making the wrong decision.

How to Transfer Samsung Contacts to LG G5

1. Free download a Mobile Transfer to your computer (Windows or Mac version).
2. Install the program on your computer.
3. Launch the program after installation.

Part 1 Direct Transfer Contacts from Samsung to LG G5

Step 1. Choose a transfer mode
On the primary interface, select the "Phone to Phone Transfer" panel and press "Start" to go on.
Step 2. Connect both of your phones to computer
On the next screen, you will be asked to connect both of your Samsung phone and LG G5 to the software via USB cable. Once they are recognized by the program, you can see them on the program's window.
Note: Please make sure that your Samsung phone is on the left panel, and the LG G5 is on the right, if not, please click the "Flip" to change theirs site.
Step 3. Transfer data from Samsung to LG G5
As you can see, all the transferable contents from your source phone are display on the middle panel. Please select the data you wanted, and simple press the "Start Transfer" to transfer to LG G5.
If you have ever backed up your data with Samsung Kies, you can follow the below way to extract and transfer data from Samsung Kies backup to LG G5.

Part 2 Restore Contacts from Samsung Kies Backup to LG G5

Step 1. Choose a transfer mode
Turn back to homepage, and choose "Restore From Backups", then you can see several options on the panel. Here please press "Kies".
Step 2. Choose a backup file and connect your LG G5 with PC
Skip to the next screen, you need to choose a Kies backup file on your computer, and connect your LG G5 to the computer by using an USB data line.
Step 3. Transfer the selected data from backup to LG G5
Note: No matter which way you choose to transfer contacts to LG G5, before the transferring processus completed, please do not disconnect your phones to ensure the successful transfer.
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