4 Ways to Transfer Data from iPhone to Huawei Mate X

March 04, 2019
Summary: Getting a fully new Huawei Mate X to replace your old iPhone? This article will tells you 4 simple and effective ways to transfer all your personal data including contacts, contact blacklist, bookmarks text messages, photos, videos, call logs, music, apps, apps data, calendar and more from any iPhone to Huawei Mate X in a click.
On February 27, Beijing time, US media released an article to select the best mobile phone of MWC 2019 - Huawei Mate X. Huawei Mate X is equipped with an 8-inch expansion display, and the default main display is 6.3 inches. Instead of having any grooves, the phone opted to install the camera on the handles on the side of the phone, which made it easier for the phone to expand and allow the photographer to see his own photos on the other side of the phone. Huawei Mate X also carries Kirin 980 processor, Huawei's 7Nm 5G chip Balong 5000 and Leica lens. It has dual batteries, with a total capacity of 4500 mAh, and supports the fastest 55W super fast charging at present. In terms of selling price, Huawei Mate X (8 + 512GB version) will sell for 2299 euros (RMB 17498 yuan), which is sure to be sold in mid-2019.

Because of its powerful performance and innovative technology, even iPhone users can't help but buy a Huawei Mate X. If you also get a Huawei Mate X to replace your old iPhone, the first thing you may need to do is transferring data from old iPhone to Huawei Mate X. However, as we all know, this is a tedious and time consuming thing. Please calm down, keep reading to learn how to sync all your data from the old iPhone to the Huawei Mate X easily.

Part 1 Sync All Data from iPhone to Huawei Mate X with Mobile Transfer

Mobile Transfer also named as Phone to Phone Transfer, which is highly recommended software because it is very secure and reliable. Able to transfer all common data in daily use from old mobile phones to new ones. The software enables you to directly transfer contacts, contact blacklist, text messages, call logs, bookmarks, calendar, voice memo, music, videos, photos, alarm records, voicemail, ringtones, wallpaper, notes, and so on from iPhone to Huawei Mate X and any other Android device. It also allows you to transfer data from iOS to iOS, Android to Android, Android to iOS and so on. Next, let't learn how to use this powerful transfer software.

Step 1. To start with, launch this Mobile Transfer program after installing it. The primary window will pop up, select "Phone to Phone Transfer" and click "Start". 

Step 2. Then use two USB cables to connect both of your old iPhone and new Huawei Mate X to computer. This program will detect your mobile phones automatically, once they are recognized, you can see the corresponding interface as below.

Tips: Please distinguish your device, which is the source phone, which is the target phone, of course you can use the "Flip" button to change their display position.
Step 3. As you see, as long as your phones are displayed on the right place, all the transferable files will be listed, just select what you needed, then click the "Start Transfer" button to begin the transfer.

Note: You can check the "Clear Data before Copy" box if you want to erase data on your Huawei Mate X before copying the new data.

Part 2 Restore Data from iTunes Backup to Huawei Mate X

Mobile Transfer as the user's favorite data transfer software, obviously, it can meet the diverse needs of different users. For an iPhone users, you are most likely using iTunes to back up your iPhone data, so, if you get an iTunes backup file, you can esaily restore data from iTunes backup to Huawei Mate X by using this tool.

Step 1. Run Mobile Transfer, then click on "Restore From Backups" and choose "iTunes".

Step 2. Choose an iTunes backup file from the list on the left panel, the program will automatically extracts all the transferable files and lists on the middle panel. At the same time, please connect your Huawei Mate X to computer.

Step 3. Wait until your device is detected, choose the items you needed and click on "Start Transfer" to sync them to your Huawei Mate X.


Part 3 Restore Data from iCloud Backup to Huawei Mate X

In addition to iTunes backup, Mobile Transfer can also restore data from iCloud backup to Huawei Mate X.

Step 1. Run Mobile Transfer, then click on "Restore From Backups" and choose "iCloud".

Step 2. Please enter the iCloud ID and password to login your iCloud account, if done, all iCloud backup files will be displayed, just choose the one as you like to download it.

Step 3. Once the iCloud backup is downloaded, the program will automatically extract all the transferable data and lists to you, just check those what you wanted and click on the "Start Transfer" button to begin the process.


Part 4 Transfer All Data from iPhone to Huawei Mate X with Phone Clone

Phone Clone is a mobile data transfer tool provided by Huawei. Use Phone Clone to quickly migrate old mobile phone data, saving you more peace of mind. Changing your iPhone to Huawei, and data migration is more convenient. The iOS system and the Android system are like two parallel lines. Since using Phone Clone, the two parallel lines have become inter-connected lines, and the iPhone data is easily transmitted to the new mobile phone.
Step 1. After installing the "Phone Clone" App on both of your iPhone and Huawei Mate X, open the app and select "This is the new phone "on the Huawei Mate X. And then select "This is the old phone" on the iPhone.

Step 2. If done, the WLAN hotspot will appear on your Huawei Mate X, your iPhone will connect to the Wi-Fi displayed on the Huawei Mate X. Check “Settings” -> “Wi-Fi”. Once complete, the mobile phone connection will be successful.

Step 3. Your iPhone needs to agree to the privacy user agreement to get data authorization. Go back to "Phone Clone", select the data to be cloned, and then click “Select Date” and wait for the “Transfer Complete".

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