How to Transfer Data Contacts from iPhone to Nokia 9

June 07, 2017
Recently, I bought a new Nokia 9 to replace the old iPhone 5S, because my iPhone got some little problem which is not serious but affects me using it at work. I can't work without phone, as the content of my work needs to communicate with clients frequently, but I want to have my iPhone repaired. So I decide to transfer data contacts from iPhone to Nokia 9. And then, I meet a new problem that how can I transfer all my data especially the contacts from my iPhone to Nokia 9 without any loss? As I said before, I have many clients' phone numbers on iPhone and I need to contact with my clients all the time. Therefor, contact data is really important to me.
When phone users want to make data transfer easier and safer, there is an all-in-one yet easy-to-use software that can meet their demands. The software is named Phone Transfer. It is thoughtful designed, capable of phone data transfer and practicable with its one-click transfer function. What's more, Phone Transfer works perfectly with different OS, including Android, iOS, Windows and so on. It is worth applying Phone Transfer to transfer all the data including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, etc. for you. You will get the effects you want.
Now, please click to free download the trial version here, and follow our tutorial to transfer your data from iPhone to Nokia 9 with this Phone Transfer tool.


Steps to Transfer Data Contacts Photos Messages and More from iPhone to Nokia 9


Step 1. Connect Your Devices to PC

First, connect your iPhone and Nokia 9 to the computer. Then, launch Phone Transfer and choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" among the home page.

Once your devices get connected, it will be recognized and detected. You can see the images of your iPhone in Source and Nokia 9 in Destination position.

If the position isn't that, you can use "Flip" to correct it.

Step 2. Select File to Transfer from iPhone to Nokia 9

When your phones are recognized by the program, all the transferable data will be listed in the middle, now you can select the file types that you want to transfer, check it and click "Start Transfer" button to begin the process. After a while, the transfer is completed, and the selected data on iPhone is copied to Nokia 9 entirely without any loss on your devices.

Please remember that during the whole transfer process, please don’t disconnect the devices, or the transfer will fail. If you want to clear up the data on destiantion device before copying, you can use the "Clear Data before Copy".

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