How to Transfer Data Contacts from Huawei to Samsung S10?

December 18, 2018
How to do a good job in the overall screen, It is believed that it has become the focus of many manufacturers. Samsung does very well in any model. Its high configuration and bright design are attractive. Samsung's unique product concept also provides Apple with its own OLED screen. Samsung is very prestigious in the industry. Samsung's patents on the full screen have been exploded on the Internet before. The content given by the patents shows that Samsung will give a new solution. It chooses to hide the front camera and some sensing elements under the screen, and the corresponding component openings will appear independently in the middle of the screen, so that not only the Liu Hai design can be avoided, but also the real full screen can be realized. 
Coincidentally, some netizens have recently exposed the real machine rendering picture of Samsung S10. Through the photos exposed by netizens, we can clearly see that Samsung S10 has adopted the relevant technology in the previous exposure patents. The product has achieved a quite amazing degree. The opening of some sensing elements on the front of the fuselage is directly excavated from the screen. The front of the fuselage has a strong sense of visual shock. There's nothing against it. As for its rear, with three cameras, two pixels 12 million, and a 18 million pixel as its basic configuration,
Samsung S10 is powerful to supports AI intelligence, and also allows 4K to record videos.
As far as I am concerned, for many friends those who want to learn photography, but do not want to buy professional DSLR, so Samsung is your best choice. Making big films, a Samsung is enough. In addition, Samsung can also be selected to monitor health, whether to measure their heart rate, is a small health instrument. It happens that there is a similar case that I also intend to buy one for my old father who what I said above is in line with his own situation when the Samsung S10 once releases. However, considering that my Dad is not good at operating mobile phones, he might have no idea about re-entering the previous data.

After asking my frineds who are specialize in transfering mobile phone data, they highly recommend me Mobile Transfer, a very useful and reliable application that could help you easily and rapidly transfer data like Contacts, Call Logs, Music, Videos, Apps and more from your old Phone to the new one,between Android, Symbian,BlackBerry, WinPhone and iPhone devices each other. Moreover, it could also erase data from Android Phone permanently, which give me a hand to slove the problem.
The rest of this article is based on how to transfer Data Contacts from Huawei to Samsung S10.

Step 1. Download the Mobile Transfer on your computer. 
Initially, please make sure that you have already downloaded Mobile Transfer on your computer. After have it run, please choose and press the "Phone to Phone Transfer" module to continue.

Note 1: There are two channels to download the software. One is to log in the official website, the other is to press the links given depending on the versions of your computer. I prefer the latter one, which can save your time.
Note 2: Using your PC (personal computer) may be better to prevent the Information leakage.  
Step 2. Concatenate your huawei and Samsung S10 to your computer.
Next, you have to make your two phones connected via the USB interface. But make sure the direction of theirs: the old phone is on the left, while the new one is on the right.

Note 3: You can adjust the direction by clicking "Flip".
Step 3. Select and move.
In this step, please select the "Contacts" between the figures of the two phones. Then press the "Start Transfer" button at the end, the data will be moved from your old phone to the new one.

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