How to Transfer Contacts from Huawei to Samsung Galaxy S8

March 20, 2017
Samsung S8 has been reported by major media recently, and I just need to buy a new phone to replace my old HUAWEI phone, so I find some information about the Samsung S8 on the internet.
In terms of appearance, Samsung Galaxy S8 canceled the Samsung brand logo in its positive. On the back of the fuselage, the main lens slightly raised, the two sides are LED flash, heart rate detection device and fingerprint identification. In terms of hardware configuration, the Samsung S8 will be equipped with 5.8 inches screen. In addition, the processor will adopt Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. The front camera is 8 million pixels, which has automatic focusing function; the rear is 12 million pixels camera, with IP68 protection level.
Samsung S8 can meet my requirements in all aspects, so I will buy it. However, after buying it, I hope the old HUAWEI phone contacts can be copied to the Samsung S8, how can I do?
Mobile Transfer is a versatile tool, including backup, delete, transfer and restore backup to the phone. Among them, its transfer function can be used for a variety of mobile devices, including iPhone, Samsung, HUAWEI, LG, SONY, OPPO, etc.. Not all software can achieve such high compatibility. You can use it to transfer contacts, photos, music, video, text messages, calendar, call history, app, etc., which can fully meet your needs for the transfer of data. In addition, Mobile Transfer has an intuitive interface, simple and clean design style to make the list of features more obvious, you can quickly find the functionality you need. Also, Mobile Transfer is safe, it will not damage any data in your phone.


Steps to Transfer Contacts from Huawei to Samsung Galaxy S8


Step 1. Run Mobile Transfer on your computer

Please download and launch Mobile Transfer on your computer. Then, you can see the main interface of the program, you need to select and click "Phone To Phone Transfer".


Step 2. Connect the phones to the computer

Next, you need to connect Huawei and Samsung S8 to your computer, so please prepare two USB lines. When the phones are displayed on both sides of the window respectively, makes sure that the Huawei phone is on the left, and if not, clicks the "Flip" button.


Step 3. Start transferring contacts to Samsung S8

Finally, you can clearly see that there are a number of projects between the two phones, by default, all projects have been selected. You can just tick what you want and then click "Start Transfer". When the data is transferred to Samsung S8, the program will pop up a window, you need to click "OK".

Note: During the whole process, the connection between the two phones and computers cannot be interrupted.
If you have other needs, such as data backup, restore the backup data to the phone, and Mobile Transfer just to meet you, you can click "Back to homepage" to return to the main interface and select the features you need.

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