How to Transfer Data Contacts from HTC to Galaxy Note 7

Post Day 08/17/2016 16:09

Best camera, beautiful and practical double curved screen, the new upgrade s pen, more security of iris recognition, mobile payment, wireless fast charging, long standby time and top of the hardware performance, all of which are owned by Note 7. Note 7 using a symmetrical design of the double curved screen makes people shines. In appearance the creativity is not difficult to see that this is the change of Note series from business to take into account the entertainment, so that Note series can embrace a wider user population.
Since this machine is so good, it must cause people desire to buy. At this time, we have to face a common problem, how to transfer the old mobile phone data to the new mobile phone? For example, how to transfer the contacts in HTC to Note 7?
Mobile Transfer will be able to help you. This is a safe and simple software. It can help you copy the phone data in two different phones. It also has the ability to help you back up your mobile phone data to your computer. In addition, it can also restore the backup file to the phone. A little more important, it can also completely remove the phone's data. If you just want to transfer contacts between Note 7 and HTC, Mobile Transfer will be your best choice. It will provide you with a shorter time and more simple steps to achieve your goal.


Simple Steps to Transfer Data Contacts from HTC to Samsung Galaxy Note 7


Step 1. Choose the Transfer Mode

Download and install Mobile Transfer from official website. Then, Run it. Then windows will have four options, click "Phone to Phone Transfer" and press "Start".


Step 2. Connect Your Phones to Computer

Without a doubt, please connect your phones to your computer with the USB line. After the connection is successful, making sure that your HTC is shown on the left, and the Note7 is on the right, as that you can successfully transfer your data. If not, you can click “Flip”.


Step 3. Select Contacts and Transfer to Note 7

You need to tick the contacts in the middle of window. And then press "Start Transfer" to move them. After the transferring progress complete, click "OK". In addition,be sure not to disconnect either of the phones.


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