How to Transfer Contacts from HTC to iPhone 7/7 Plus

January 18, 2016
As is known to all, iPhone 7 will soon come out, its various upgrades to attract our attention, one has to be said, not only is it thinner than the iphone 6S, but also replaces the metal shell. In addition, it will use the Lighting interface and bluetooth as the main way of audio output interface, home 3.5mm headphone slot. There's a lot I can not list one by one, all of them are deeply attracted me, and I also decided to buy an iPhone 7. But now I use the HTC One M8 which services for all my work, taking photos, making a call, sending a messages, chatting, surfing the Internet, shopping on line, recording the calendars and notes etc., there are tons of personal data storing on my HTC's memory, however, HTC runs Android system, while the iPhone is running iOS, can I directly ransfer data between two different systems? In other word, how can I transfer data especially the contacts from my old HTC to iPhone 7? In fact, I don't try so hard, because I have MobileTrans.

MobileTrans is an outstanding management software which can help transferring contacts, photos, call logs, text messages and other data with ease. It can realize the iOS devices, Andrioid devices, WinPhones and Nokia Symbian devices, and achieves the effective transfer between any of them. It is a security risk-free software. In addition, it can protect your personal data, can also get your data permanently removed from the old cell phones if you wanting to resell it. Next, let me explain how to use MobileTrans.
Hint: You need to prepare a computer, two USB cables and two of your mobile phones.

Steps to Transfer Contacts from HTC to iPhone 7


The First Step: Run the MobileTrans

Download and install MobileTrans firstly, then run the software, it will pop up the following interface. Click on the mode of "Phone to Phone Transfer" and press "Start" to be continue.

The Second Step: Connect Your HTC and iPhone 7 to the Computer

Take out the USB cables to connect your HTC and iPhone 7 to the computer. After the connection is successful, the window will be the main interface with the two mobile phones, the program will scan your source phone (HTC) for the transferable data, please do not put your phones on the wrong position. Here, you can click on "Flip" to exchange the positions of the two mobile phones.


The Third Step: Transfer the Selected Data to iPhone 7 from HTC

If the first two steps are all correct, at this time, the software will show all the transferable data to you from your HTC phone. By default, all contents you can transfer are checked. Of course, you can also just check the types what you need to transfer, such as the contacts. You can cancel the data content that you don't need to transfer. After the selection, click on the blue button "Start Transter" to move your contacts from HTC to iPhone 7. The whole transfer process will not spend too much of you time, after the transfer, the software will pop up a dialog box, just click "OK".

Tips: In the process of data transmission must be sure that mobile phone and computer connection are constantly.

Transferring data from one phone to another is one of the main features of MobileTrans, besides, you can also use this software to restore the backups to your new iPhone 7/7 Plus, or any other supported smartphones and tablets.

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