How to Transfer Data from Android Phone to Xiaomi Mi 8 SE

June 06, 2018
The Xiaomi Mi 8 SE, which has just been launched, is the world's first mobile phone with high pass 710 mobile platform, and the thunder army even said at the press conference, "a lot of people think that the Valon 710 is built for friends, but it's actually made for MI." this sentence believes that many rice noodles are excited. Mi 8 SE equipped with a 5.88 inch AMOLED screen (equivalent to 5.2 inches of mobile phone body volume), the rear is 12 million pixels +500 million pixel dual cameras. In addition, Xiaomi MI 8 SE also provides a front 20 million pixel camera, support flexible self timer and AI beauty, still is double glass + metal frame design, red, blue, gold optional.
If you want to buy a Mi 8 SE to replace your old Android phone, you may need a software. That is Mobile Transfer. In general, people need to transfer the old Android mobile phone data to the new phone. So a good and appropriate software will be convenient for us. The Mobile Transfer is a software worth trying.
Mobile Transfer is known as the world's 1st data transfer tool, you can use it to transfer photos, contacts, SMS, music, calendar, call history, video, app and app data. In addition, Mobile Transfer applies to Mi 8 SE, Samsung, HUAWEI, LG, OPPO and other Android phone can use it. Also, in addition to Android phones, iPhone, NOKIA and other phones can also use it. The Mobile Transfer not only has a strong compatibility, its operation is simple and convenient. You only need three steps to successfully transfer data.


Directly Switch All Data from Android Phone to Xiaomi Mi 8 SE


Step 1. Download and run Mobile Transfer

After you download and run Mobile Transfer on your computer, find "Phone To Phone Transfer" from the four tool and click on it.


Step 2. Connect Android and Mi 8 SE to the computer

Use the USB cable to connect your Android and Mi 8 SE to your computer. So you need to prepare two USB lines. When the phones are displayed in the window, the Android phone should be shown on the left, and the Mi 8 SE should be shown on the right. If not, click "Flip".


Step 3. Select file and transfer

There are some data types that can be transferred between the two phones, according to your needs to check these items, and then click "Start Transfer".

Tips: To make the phone data smoothly transferred, the connection between the phone and the computer cannot be disconnected.
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