Transfer Data Photos Contacts from Android to Moto Z 2018

October 30, 2017
On October 24, 2017, a new product launch was held at MOTOROLA in Beijing.Chen kun ,a renowned actor, also attended the meeting. Together with the innovative MOTOROLA, chen kun will  witness the future together. Apart from the celebrity effect, the new product-Moto Z 2018 has its own advantages. Its thickness is only 6.1 mm, utilizes with smarter systems, it has higher procseeing speed so will run more smoothly. Moreover, it equipped with 5.5 inch 2K ultra hd AMOCED display, which can make the image more coloful and clear. Most important of all, there is a new generation of moto ShatterShield explosion-proof screen technology. With this technology, you don't need to worry about that your phone screen will blast. You know, it will cost you a lot of money to repair your blasting screen. I think this property is more competitive.
If you are a person who enjoy pursuing advanced mobile phone, I bet you will have great interest in this Moto Z 2018. And if you buy the Moto Z 2018, it means that you ought to transfer data from you previous Android phone to this one. Do you know how to transfer data from Android to Moto Z 2018? I think you just need a transfer software. Now let me recommend you a useful transfer software.
Mobile Transfer, as a technical third-party transfer tool, it can solve your problem completely. Except for the functions of dackuping data from Backups, restoring data from Backups, it also can transfer data from one device to anther device. As for transfering data from Android to Android,such as Android to Moto Z 2018, it enables you to transfer contacts, messages, call logs, photos, apps and so on. Additionally, it's so convenient that it just need you a few clicks. During the process, you don't need to ba afraid of losing some data or leaking your privacy, because it is secure. Is it  practical, right? Would you want to save you time when you need to transfer data? Please follow the guide and have a try.



Steps to Transfer All Data from Old Android Phone to Moto Z 2018


Step 1. Download the software and connect two devices to the computer

Please install and run the Mobile Transfer on your computer, then choose the "Phone to Phone Transfer" and click "Start" in the primary interface.

When appear the next window, please concatenate your Android and Moto Z 2018 to computer by using theirs USB cables.


Step 2. Choose transfer file and start it

The software will detect and scan your phones by itself, when they are recognized, you can have a sight that your phones are displayed on both sides of the window. Please remember to let the Android is shown on the left, and the Moto Z 2018 on the right. If not, you can simply press "Flip" button to exchange theirs position.

Now, check the data you tend to transfer. For example, if you feel like to transfer youe photos, you can click the “Photos " in the catalogue of select content. If have chosen already, you can press "Start Transfer" to make it operated. By the way, for the sake of completing the process effectively, please don't disconnect two devices until it has completed.
Warm Tip: You can check the "Clear Date Before Copy" box if you would like to erase data on your Moto Z 2018 before copying the new data.
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