Transfer Data Contacts from HTC/LG/Sony/Huawei to iPhone 7

February 24, 2016
"I heard that iPhone 7 is going to be released. As it happens, my HTC's photo shoot is broken, and I'm going to buy a iPhone 7. And for mobile phone, I must transfer the contact in my HTC phone to iPhone5se, how should I do?"
"I think I am really unlucky. My SONY mobile phone and fell to the ground, I put the screen broke. It is not worth changing the screen , I intend to buy a iPhone 7. I need to transfer my old mobile phone contact to iPhone 7, how to do it?"
"Next week is my girlfriend's birthday. I'm going to buy a iPhone 7 as a birthday present. She now uses the phone is LG. My only doubt is that the LG phone can be transferred data to the iPhone 7?"
"Hello, I'm Hani. I now use the phone is Huawei. I heard that iPhone 7 is about to be released, and I want to buy one. I want to compare the difference between Android and iOS systems. In addition, I need to transfer my phone's contacts to a new phone, how can I do it?"

In fact, the above problems can be solved by using Mobile Transfer, you only need to download the software from the official website, according to the tutorial to operate on it.
Mobile Transfer is a convenient and efficient data transfer software. It is a software that can handle data in many directions, such as backup data, recover data, transfer data, delete data, and so on. It can transfer data in different systems, not to mention the same system.
Let us experience how to use it. Before of this, please download the trial version of Mobile Transfer below.

Guide: Transfer Data Contacts from HTC/LG/Sony/ZTE to iPhone 7 (Plus)

Step 1. Download and install Mobile Transfer. Run the Mobile Transfer.
Step 2. Select “Phone Transfer Phone” mode and click "Start".
Step 3. As the interface shows, you should connect two phones via USB cables.
Step 4. After connection successfully, you can select the data content you need to transfer, check it.
Step 5. After the selection, click "Start Transfer" to transfer data from phone to phone.
Step 6. After the transfer data is completed, click "OK".
Note: In the process of data transfer, it is necessary to ensure the normal connection between the mobile phone and the computer.
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