How to Transfer Contacts from BlackBerry to BlackBerry Priv

January 26, 2016
As we all know, the practicability and security of the Blackberry is very strong. BlackBerry can send and receive email anytime and anywhere. Because this function, BlackBerry has attracted a large number of consumers. To use BlackBerry, the data is very important. In recent years, more and more people tend to be practical and entertaining with mobile phone. As a result, BlackBerry retains the traditional keyboard, create a set of practical entertainment with a mobile phone. This mobile phone call BlackBerry priv. BlackBerry and BlackBerry Priv based on different systems. How to transfer data from BlackBerry to BlackBerry Priv. I think a lot of BlackBerry fans don't know how to do. For example, my uncle has been to use BlackBerry. Recently, he changed a new phone –BlackBerry Priv. Their system is different. However, he saved contacts on the phone. He is a computer idiot. He would like to know a simple method to solve this problem. My uncle don’t want to take two phone out, but also don’t want to save the number one by one which will waste his time. Is there any direct and effective methods of data transfer?

Actually, Mobile Transfer is such a ideal transfer software which enables to transfer contacts from one BlackBerry phone to BlackBerry Priv. It is also transfer text messages, call logs and so on. Don't have to consider which system your phone is, now, let me tell you the steps to use this software.

Tutorial: Transfer Contacts from BlackBerry to BlackBerry Priv


Step 1. Backup Contacts From Old BlackBerry Phone

Download and install the BlackBerry Desktop Software on the PC. After installation, run the BlackBerry Desktop Software and connect your old BlackBerry phone to your computer with its USB cable. The software will recognizes your phone soon. Then ,it will appear the following interface. Please click “Back up now” and choose the contacts to backup.
Note: There are three backup types you can select in this step: Full(all device data and settings), Quick(exclude email) and Custom(selected data only). Just choose the types you wanted to back up your data.

Step 2. Launch the Mobile Transfer and Connect the BlackBerry Priv on PC 

Download and run Mobile Transfer on the computer. Launch the software and connect your BlackBerry Priv with your computer by using USB cable. Then press "Restore from Backups" and click on "BlackBerry" to move on.

Step 3. Transfer Contacts from BlackBerry to BlackBerry Priv 

After the computer is identify your mobile phone, it will appears the interface as below picture. The phone is on the right. On the left, select the backup file which you created from the old BlackBerry phone previous. Check “Contacts” and other data you want and click “Start Copy” to sync them to the BlackBerry Priv directly.

As you see, this is a simple way to transfer contacts from BlackBerry to BlackBerry Priv. Mobile Transfer is also transfer photos, videos, music and so on. The most important, you can also easily transfer data between different system of mobile phone incluing iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows and so on with the help of this program. In addition, other features like "Phone to Phone Transfer", "Restore From Backups" and "Erase Your Old Phone" are the same fantastic and useful. Come on. Try it to save your time and reduce the loss of data.

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