How to Transfer Data from Android Phone to ZTE Axon M

June 15, 2018
All know that the moment is the era of comprehensive screen explosion, but mobile phone manufacturers are unable to get 100% full screen design phones because of cost, technology and other reasons. Based on this point, ZTE has gone out of a different way, that is, double screen design. ZTE Axon M has the classic mode, split screen mode, large screen mode, mirror image mode four kinds, classic mode is a common 5.2 inch mobile phone, sub screen mode users can watch video side other operations, double screen applications do not interfere with each other, AB double screen through virtual keys can simply switch the order.

In fact, this ZTE Axon M has attracted a lot of attention, including lots of users of old Android mobile phones. So, when you buy ZTE Axon M to replace your old Android phone, what can you do to move all the personal data from an old Android phone to the new ZTE Axon M? 
Mobile Transfer is the assistant you need. It can quickly help you transfer data, such as text messages, photos, music, videos, contacts, call logs, calendar, Apps, APP data, etc.. With the aid of Mobile Transfer, data transmission becomes easier and simpler. Fortunately, it is compatible with almost all mobile devices on the market, including, of course, the latest ZTE Axon M. So you don't have to worry about your cell phone. In addition, iPhone, Samsung, HUAWEI, ZTE, LG, SONY and other popular mobile phones can be used. What's more, the software protects your phone data, and cell phone data will not be corrupted or lost.


One Click to Switch All Data from Android Phone to ZTE Axon M


Step 1. Connect your devices to the computer

After running this Mobile Transfer, please click on "Phone to Phone Transfer" in the primary interface and press "Start".

Skip to the next screen, you need to connect your old Android phone and the ZTE Axon M to your computer via the USB cables. When your phones are detected by the program, the Android phone need to be displayed on the left, and the ZTE Axon M is displayed on the right. You can click the "Flip" to change the location of the two phones.


Step 2. Choose the file and start to transfer

Next is to select data, and you can see many data types in the middle of the screen, such as contacts, videos, music, call logs, and so on. Select the data you want to transfer, and then click on "Start Transfer" to sync them between your phones.


Step 3. Successful transfer

You just have to wait a little while, and the transfer process can be done. You can check the "Clear Data before Copy" box if you want to erase data on the destination phone before copying the new data.
Tips: To ensure that your previous work is not futile and the efficiency of transmission, please keep your phones connected well during the whole transfer process.
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