How to Transfer Data from Android to ViVo X9/X9L/X9i

June 24, 2017
ViVo X9i with micron zirconium sand spraying process, enjoy the extraordinary sense of fashion. The front 20 million SONY custom IMX376 sensors and 8 million professional virtual camera, double soft photo level SLR depth the effect of self realization. While the ViVo X9l, equipped with a customized ViVo camera, front 20 million camera soft double level SLR, self experience, self defined! Deep mobile phone to take pictures and music, vivo X9l front soft double photo, illuminate your beauty, the ultimate HiFi, the world has never been so beautiful. Both of the ViVo X9i and ViVo X9L are taking the lead in the current smartphone market. Thus, more and more old Android phone users are willing to pay for the ViVo X9 series.
When it comes to replacing mobile phones, it's necessary to transfer your phone data. To transfer data from one phone to another phone out of the need of business, my friend costed a restively long time on this operation. However, the data needed to transfer was too much large, and his boss required the perfect effect that no data would be left or missed. My friend tried a lot, but at last his boos didn't satisfy the work he did. His boss required him to do it again and finished it quickly. To help hime, I recommend Mobile Transfer to him.
If phone users want to avoid the accident and get the perfect effect of data transferring, there is no doubt that a phone to phone transfer program which named Mobile Transfer is the best choice for you in the data transfer industry. It can enable you to transfer data between different phones of various operating systems with one click, including iOS, Android and son on. You can use it to transfer data between any of them. Besides, it protects users' personal information and won't overwritten the data. I have used it to transfer data from any Android phone incluidng ViVo, OPPO, Huawei, Samsung, HTC, LG, Moto, Meizu, Xiaomi and so on to ViVo X9/X9L/X9i successfully, and I believe it will save most of your time and energy.
Now, let's see the way to transfer data from an old Android phone to ViVo X9/X9L/X9i with Mobile Transfer.


Steps to Transfer All Data from An Old Android Phone to ViVo X9/X9L/X9i


Step 1. Connect Your Devices to the Computer

Firstly, please launch the programme Mobile Transfer and enter the tooklit of "Phone to Phone Transfer" on the primary page. Secondly, please connect the old Android phone and ViVo X9/X9L/X9i to your computer.

Once your devices are recognized by Mobile Transfer, the software show you the images of your devices. To transfer data from  Android to ViVo X9/X9L/X9i, the image of Android should appear in the Source and the image of ViVo X9/X9L/X9i should appear in the Destination.

You can easily to exchange your phone's position by clicking "Filp" without re-connecting your phones again.

Step 2. Select File You Want to Transfer

Now, select the options of different files you need on the Content List, and then click "Start Transfer" button to allow the software to copy the selected data on Android to ViVo X9/X9L/X9i.

During the copying process, it is important to keep your devices connected. Moreover, you can clear up the data on destination phone before copy by using "Clear Data before Copy".
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