2 Ways to Transfer Data from Android Phone to vivo X27/vivo X27 Pro

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Summary: Getting a fully new vivo X27 or vivo X27 Pro to replace your old Android phone? This article will tells two simple ways to sync all data from any Android phone to vivo X27/vivo X27 Pro, including contacts, SMS, photos, videos, music, call history, calendar, bookmarks, apps and more, as well as restoring data from backup to vivo X27/vivo X27 Pro.
The new flagship vivo X27 class will be officially released in Sanya, Hainan on the evening of March 19, and the vivo X series has been the main hot-selling model of vivo, and the vivo X27 has received wide attention. According to the official introduction of vivo, the vivo X27 series has two models: vivo X27 and vivo X27 Pro. The rear three-camera of vivo X27 is 48 megapixels + 13 megapixels ultra wide angle lens + 5 megapixels, located in the upper left corner of the fuselage back, while the vivo X27 Pro is 48 megapixels + 13 megapixels ultra wide angle lens + 2 megapixels night vision camera, located in the upper and middle of the fuselage back. Both models adopt zero-bound full-screen without bangs, droplets and holes, accounting for more than 90%. This is the first time that vivo X series adopts zero-bound full-screen design, and also supports screen fingerprint recognition.
There is no doubt that this will be a sought-after smartphone. When you buy a new vivo X27 or vivo X27 Pro to replace your old Android phone, the first thing you need to do is copying your personal data. Personal data is very important to us. But many people don't know how to operate it. Here, I strongly recommend Mobile Transfer, which also well known as Phone to Phone Transfer.
Mobile Transfer is a world-class data transfer and management software. Whatever system you have on your phone, it's perfectly compatible with Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows and so on. It supports a variety of data types, such as contacts, contact blacklist, music, videos, pictures, apps, application information, text messages, calendar, call history and so on. Basically, the data you use in your daily life can be transferred. Surprisingly, you don't have to worry about any damage to your mobile phone during the transfer process. It's an absolutely safe software. If you are using this software for the first time, please read the following instructions carefully.


Part 1 Directly Sync All Data from An Android Phone to vivo X27/vivo X27 Pro

Step 1. Just like you use other software, you need download and install Mobile Transfer on your PC in advance. Then run the software and select "Phone to Phone Transfer" from the list of functions in the main interface.

Step 2. Please use the data cables to connect both of your old Android phone and vivo X27/vivo X27 Pro to computer. When the mobile phones and computer are connected successfully, various data types will be displayed in the middle of the screen, such as contacts, text messages, call history, videos, photos, etc.. These are all data that can be transferred. Select some of them according to your actual needs, and then click "Start Transfer".

The transfer process will be completed soon. You just have to wait a moment. After the transfer is successful, you can look up the data you want in vivo X27/vivo X27 Pro. In addition, if you want to erase all data on your vivo X27/vivo X27 Pro before copying the new data, you can tick out the "Clear Data before Copy" box which under the panel of destination phone.


Part 2 Restore Data from Backup to vivo X27/vivo X27 Pro

In addition to being safe and efficient, Mobile Transfer has a prominent feature, which is very comprehensive. You can also use this software to backup and restore your phone data. Next, let's show you how to restore data from backup file to vivo X27/vivo X27 Pro by using this program.
Step 1. Click on "Restore From Backups" and select "MobileTrans" after running this software.

Step 2. Connect your vivo X27/vivo X27 Pro to computer by using a USB cable, and choose a backup file from the left panel.

Step 3. As you can see, all the restoreable files will be extracted and listed, wait until your device is detected, check those what you want and click on "Start Transfer" to begin the process.

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