How to Transfer Data Contacts from Android to Moto X4

June 14, 2017
If someone asks me that if there is any way to transfer contact from one device to another in a easy way. My answer is a big "Yes". Take one of my experience as an example. Once I needed to transfer data contacts from Android to Moto X4, I had a hard time and the data transfer almost made me crazy because I failed the data contacts transfer again and again. The data contacts was too large and there were too many phone numbers on Android, so that I always missed some data contacts during the transfer process manually.
However, I finally nailed the data transfer with a professional assistant, that is the Mobile Transfer. Mobile Transfer enables users to transfer any file types in simple process. It supports transferring data including contacts, text messages, photos, videos and more between different phones with one click, including iOS, Android, Symbian, and Windows devices. What’s more, the whole transfer is safe and reliable because it won’t cause the leak of personal information. So this tool is worth trying.
Following, let's to show you how to transfer data including contacts, photos and more from your old Android phone to Moto X4 by using this Mobile Transfer.


Steps to Directly Transfer All Data from Old Android Phone to Moto X4


Step 1. Connect Your Devices to PC

Make a connection between your Android and Moto X4 to the computer, launch Mobile Transfer and choose the tooklit "Phone to Phone Transfer" to work for you.

When the connection of your devices is done, Mobile Transfer recognizes your devices and show the images of your devices on the page. You can see the images of your Android in Source position and Moto X4 in Destination position.

If the position isn't correct, you can simple press the "Flip" button to correct it.

Step 2. Select File to Transfer from Phone to Phone

Check Contacts on the Content List and hit "Start Transfer" button to begin the data transfer. After the transfer is complete, the data contacts on Android is copied to Moto X4 entirely without hurting the existing data on your devices.

During the process, please keep the devices connected, otherwise the transfer can't work well. Besides, if you need to clear up the data on destiantion device before transferring, you can use the function "Clear Data before Copy".
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