How to Transfer Data from Android to Mi 10S/10S Pro

July 13, 2020
Summary: This article will introduce users to two methods of data transmission in detail. After reading this article, you will have the easiest way in the world to transfer data from Android to Mi 10S/10S Pro.
In terms of screen, Mi 10S/10S Pro uses an AMOLED screen, which supports a refresh rate of 120Hz. In terms of core configuration, Mi 10S/10S Pro uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor. In terms of battery life, Mi 10S/10S Pro will use 5000 mAh battery. And it supports 65W wired fast charging and 30W wireless fast charging. In terms of taking pictures, Mi 10S/10S Pro uses the rear four cameras, namely the main camera + super wide-angle camera + telephoto camera + macro camera.
Because the price and performance ratio of Mi 10S/10S Pro is so satisfactory, many users are very eager to own it. After successfully owning Mi 10S/10S Pro, how should the data in the old Android phone be processed? The best way is, of course, to transfer the important data from the old Android phone to the newly purchased Mi 10S/10S Pro through the easiest method. What method is the easiest? In this article, I will introduce two simplest methods for users to complete data transfer with the help of Mobile Transfer.
Mobile Transfer is a very powerful data transfer software. With its help, users can transfer all data from Android phones to Xiaomi. And in the process of data transmission, it will not leak any data of the user, and can well protect the privacy of the user. In addition, it is compatible with many mobile phone models. Whether it is Mi 10S/10S Pro or other models of mobile phones, it can be easily compatible. It is worth mentioning that Mobile Transfer also has a trial version. Users can download the trial version first, and then decide their own experience to decide whether to buy the software.


Method 1 Directly Transfer All Data from Android to Mi 10S/10S Pro

Step 1: Download the software to the computer
Download and install Mobile Transfer on your computer, and then run it.
Step 2: Select the data transmission mode
After entering the homepage of Mobile Transfer, select the "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode and click on "Start".

Step 3: Connect the device to the computer
Use a USB cable to connect both of you old Android phone and Mi 10S/10S Pro to the computer, and enable the USB debugging on your phones' screen.

Step 4: Transfer the selected data
On the page, users can view all the data that can be transferred from Android to Mi 10S/10S Pro. Preview and select data according to your needs. After selecting, click "Start Transfer" to complete the data transfer.


Method 2 Transfer Data from Backup to Mi 10S/10S Pro

This method is suitable for users who have backed up the data in Android on Mobile Transfer. Therefore, when the user completes the data transfer process, even if the old Android phone is lost or not at your side, you can directly transfer the data in the backup to the Mi 10S/10S Pro.
Step 1: Run Mobile Transfer on the computer, and then select "MobileTrans" on the page.

Step 2: Connect the Mi 10S/10S Pro to the computer with a USB cable.

Step 3: Select the appropriate backup file on the page, and then select the type of data to be transferred. After selecting, click "Start Transfer" to transfer the data in the backup to Mi 10S/10S Pro.

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