How to Transfer Data from Android to Meizu PRO 7/PRO 7 Plus

June 24, 2017
Meizu PRO 7 has basic information can be determined, such as the confirmation will uses dual design, equipped with dual cameras, but recently there is news exposure that the Meizu PRO7 series will be released two sets of mobile phone, which are the 5.2-inch version of PRO 7 and the 5.7-inch version of PRO 7 Plus.
I am a loyal Android fan, and obviously, this news has caught my attention too, Meizu PRO 7 really an outstanding smartphone. Every time I transfer data from one device to another, the only way I know is transferring through computer and copying data on one device to another manually. This way is always feasible but sometimes annoying, because when the transferred data is too much and large, the operation will be very time-consuming and even make the computer struck. Is it possible that data transfer becommes easier and more efficient? Since I am going to transfer some important data from an Andorid device to Meizu PRO 7, I want to finish it in a reliable and efficient way this time.
Here is a tool which can hlep they out of trouble of data transfer. It is Phone Transfer, the most professional expert in data transfer. It is worthwhile to be trusted because it can help all clients complete data transfer efficiently without any data left or missed. It specializes in transferring contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, call logs, apps and more other file types professionally from phone to phone of various operating systems. So it can be applied in a wide range. Now let’s have a try.


Steps to Transfer All Data from Old Android Phone to Meizu PRO 7/PRO 7 Plus


Step 1. Launch Phone Transfer and Connect Your Devices

Launch Phone Transfer on the computer and select the solution "Phone to Phone Transfer". And then, make your old Android phone and Meizu PRO 7/PRO 7 Plus connected to the computer.

When your devices are connected successfully, Phone Transfer can detect and recognize your devices. Then, you can see the images of your devices dispalyed on the page.

To transfer data from Android to Meizu PRO 7/PRO 7 Plus, the image of Android should appear in the Source and the image of Meizu PRO 7 should appear in the Destination. If the position is incorrect, you can use the "Flip" button to exchange it.

Step 2. Check the File to Transfer

You can see the list of the content to copy on the page. Check the data you want among the list and hit "Start Transfer" button. The copying starts quickly and smoothly.

After copying, you can see that the selected data is transfered from Android to Meizu PRO 7/PRO 7 Plus completely. During the copying, your devices need to keep connected. If you want to erase data on the destination phone before copying the new data, there is "Clear Data before Copy" for you.
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