How to Transfer Data from Android to Meizu 15/Meizu 15 Plus

January 26, 2018
2018 is coming, all mobile phone manufacturers in China are planning their new mobile phones in 2018, Meizu company is no exception. According to the current news, Meizu 2018 flagship machine will be released in March. If anyone is looking for the Meizu 15 and the Meizu 15 Plus like me?
Meizu 2018 flagship machine will be divided into two versions, respectively, Meizu 15 and Meizu 15 Plus, which Meizu 15 uses 5.6 inch screen, Meizu 15 plus with size 6.01 inches. They all use the 18:9 full screen design, and the proportion of the screen is over 90%. In addition, they will cancel the "MBACK" key and replace it with a completely new full screen interactive mode, Super mBac. Another important reason I am looking forward to Meizu 15 and 15 Plus is that I need a new mobile phone to replace my old Android mobile phone. Because of my old Android phone configuration has not complied with the requirements of my operation, I need buy a better phone. I have an idea, but I don't know if it can be achieved, is I able to transfer the amount of data from an old Android phone to a new phone? When you have a data transfer problem, the best way to do it is to use Mobile Transfer.

Mobile Transfer is a practical and versatile data transfer software. How do I say this? First, it can not only transfer data between two different mobile phones, but can also backup data, restore the backup data, and delete data. On the other hand, its transfer function is simple and practical. You only need three steps to transfer those complex and diverse data to new cell phone. This process can be grasped by anyone. In addition, there are a lot of transferable data, including SMS, contacts, call history, photos, video, app, app data and so on. Its compatible devices include Samsung, iPhone, HUAWEI, ZTE, Meizu, OPPO, SONY and so on. Even if your new cell phone is the latest model in the market, Mobile Transfer can also be compatible with it.
So, what you will see is how to use Mobile Transfer to transfer all your personal data from the old Android mobile phone to Meizu 15/Meizu 15 Plus.


Directly Transfer All Data from Old Android Phone to Meizu 15/Meizu 15 Plus


Step 1. Download Mobile Transfer to the computer

Click the download button to download Mobile Transfer to your computer, and then install and run it according to the hint. Select "Phone To Phone Transfer" from the main interface.


Step 2. Connect Android and Meizu 15/Plus to the computer

Use the USB line to connect Android and Meizu 15/Plus to the computer. When Mobile Transfer senses your mobile phone, two phones will be displayed on both sides, respectively. The transfer direction of data is from the old Android mobile phone to Meizu 15/Plus, so the old Android phone should be displayed on the left, while the right side is the Meizu 15/Plus. This can be adjusted by the "Flip" button in the middle.


Step 3. Select the data to transfer

In this step, the program can help you move all files. Just select the data you need and click on "Start Transfer".

Note: Make sure both of your phones are connecting during the whole progress. When transfer progress is completed, please hit the button "OK".
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