Transfer Data Photos Contacts from Android to HUAWEI nova 2s

January 29, 2018
Recently, I have been attracted to a stylish phone HUAWEI nova 2s. It fits the fashion perfectly into the tech product. The HUAWEI nova 2s is equipped with the kirin 960 processor. Its screen is the most popular full screen at the moment. It is also very innovative to design the fingerprint reader below the screen, which is more user-friendly and improves the appearance of the phone. The double - sided glass mirror enhances the appearance of HUAWEI nova 2s. It also has a new face recognition technology, bringing faster and safer unlock mode. 
It's a stylish phone that I can't help but love. It so happened that I had an inclination to purchase a new mobile phone, thus, I bought the HUAWEI nova 2s last week. However, I've used my Samsung for many years so loads of signifiicant data are stored in it, such as call logs,text messages, photos, videos, contacts and so on. They are important for me and I need to transfer them to HUAWEI nova 2s. I surfed the internet to find out how to transfer data efficiently. Then I noticed a software named Mobile Transfer, which is well received. After looking at some more details, I decided to have a try. It managed to transfer my messages in a few minutes, its speed of transferring data really faster than I expected. It is awfully practical and left a deep impression on me so that I can't wait to recommend it to you. 
Mobile Transfer is an all-in-one yet effective phone data transfer tool, it can not only backup your phone, restore data from backups, but also transfer data from one phone to another. It fully compatible with most mainstream mobile operating systems, including the latest iOS 11 and Android 8.0. As to data transfer, it enables you to transfer almost all files from Android to Android, including call logs, text messages, contacts, photos, music, videos, calendar, apps and so on. What’s more, it can complete all your instructions with your a few clicks without any lost. Over and over, this software for phones only reads the information on your device, your personal information will not be stored in the software. Your data will be protected perfectly, so you needn’t be afraid of leaking your privacy during the process.

Don't you agree that the Mobile Transfer is practical? Do you want to save your time when you need to transfer data? Are you curious about how to operate this software? Now let me show you some simple procedures of transferring data from Android phone to HUAWEI nova 2s to help you master the methods of transferring data. Maybe one day it will come in handy.

Directly to Transfer All Data from Old Android Phone to HUAWEI nova 2s


Step 1. Install the software and connect two devices to the computer

Please download and run the Mobile Transfer on your computer, then choose the “Phone to Phone Transfer” button and press “Start” in the primary interface. Then you ought to concatenate your Android and HUAWEI nova 2s to computer via their USB cables when appears the next window.

Once your phones are connected to the computer, the software will detect and glance through your phones by itself, after then, you can catch sight of your phones are shown on both sides of the window. Attentionally, please let the Android is displayed on the left, and the HUAWEI nova 2s is displayed on the right, if not, you can simply press "Flip" to exchange theirs positions.


Step 2. Select file and initiate it

When your phones are in right positions, you can check the data you trend to transfer. It's so flexible that your are free to choose whatever you want. So to say that if you feel like switching your messages over, you can click the“text messages” in the cagalogue of the transfer-content. If have chosen already, click the “Start Transfer” button to start the process. In addiion, please don’t make two devices lost track until the process has completed. Or else it will be no smoothly and make you wait for a long time.

Warm Tip: If necessary, you can check the "Clear Date Before Copy" box if you would like to erase data on yourHUAWEI nova 2s.

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