How to Transfer Data from Android to Honor Magic3

June 15, 2020
Summary: Do you want to use the simplest method to complete the data transmission? This article will introduce two safe and simple methods for you to transfer data from Android phone to Honor Magic3 with the help of Mobile transfer.
In terms of appearance, Honor Magic 3 will adopt a new appearance design solution. On its front design, Honor Magic3 will use a liftable design. On its back design, the Honor Magic 3 will be equipped with a rear four-camera combination. The four cameras are located in the upper left corner of the fuselage and are arranged vertically. The body of the machine is made of glass. For the camera combination of Honor Magic3, Honor Magic 3 uses a four-camera combination of 64 megapixels + 20 megapixels + 12 megapixels + 5X zoom. And its front camera is equipped with a 20 million pixel camera. In other configurations of Honor Magic3, it will also support a series of flagship functions such as off-screen fingerprint recognition, wireless charging, fast charging, and facial recognition.
From the configuration of Honor Magic3, we can say that it is a very good smartphone. When we see this phone, we are very eager to have it. But after users own it, they will be troubled by data transmission. Because when we get a new machine, our first task is to transfer the data from the old Android phone to the new Honor Magic3. In order to prevent users from being troubled by data transmission, this article will introduce two simple and safe methods to complete data transmission in detail.
Mobile Transfer is an essential tool for users to transfer data. Because it can use the simplest method in the shortest time to help users complete data transmission. There are many types of data that this software can transfer, including photos, videos, messages, call logs, bookmarks, calendars, voice memos, contacts, music, and apps. Of course, its ability to be compatible with devices is also very powerful. It is compatible with all brands of mobile phones such as Honor, Samsung, Xiaomi, Meizu, OPPO, vivo, LG, Lenovo and so on. Most importantly, this software pays great attention to the privacy of users. It can ensure that users will not disclose any data during data transmission.


Part 1 Transfer All Data from Android Phone to Honor Magic 3 Directly

Step 1: Select a transfer mode
Download and install Mobile transfer on your computer. After the installation is successful, double-click it to enter the software. After successfully entering the software, select the "phone to phone transfer" mode on the page.

Step 2: Connect the devices to your computer
Use a USB cable to connect Android and Honor Magic3 to the computer. Then check the display of the source and destination devices on the page. The source device must display the model of the Android phone, and the destination device must display Honor Magic3.

Note: If the pages are displayed in reverse order, click "Flip" to exchange their position.
Step 3: Select the data to transfer
Users can view all file types that can be transferred from Android to Honor Magic3 on the page. The user selects the required data as required. After selecting, click "Start Transfer" to transfer the data to Honor Magic3.


Part 2 Transfer Data from Backup to Honor Magic3

Step 1: Run Mobile transfer on the computer, and then select "Restore from Backups" mode from the page.

Step 2: Use a USB cable to connect your Honor Magic3 to the computer, please don't forget to enable the USB debugging on your phone's screen.

Step 3: Users can see all the backup files on Mobile transfer on the software page. According to your needs, select the appropriate backup and select the required data. After selecting, click "Start Transfer" to synchronize the data in the backup to Honor Magic3.

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