Transfer Music from Android to Samsung Galaxy Note 8

July 24, 2017
The Note series has typically been the biggest of the top-end Samsung devices. The Note 8 is expected to feature curved screens and minimal bezels both on the sides and at the top and bottom of the devices, to the next extreme. Moreover, Samsung Note 8 tablet lets you control all the aspects of your life, from scheduling to gaming and networking. Polish presentations, organize family events, and access social networks without missing a thing. The tablet even functions as a universal remote so you can control your entire home theater on one screen. 
"The function of sounds of my Android has some somthing wrong. I am not a professional singer but I like singing very much, so there are lots of data about music on my Android. Now, to enjoy music joyfully, I uses Samsung Note 8. Although I give up my old Android phone, I cannot give up the data of music on it. However, the data of music is too large and I think the transfer will be tougher. How can I transfer music from an old Android phone to Samsung Note 8 in a simple and efficient way?"
When you come across the problem of data transfer, Phone Transfer comes to rescue. Phone Transfer is a great mobile data management software, which play an important role in terms of data transfer. With the help of Phone Transfer, user can directly copy data from phone to phone, and easily back up and restore the data of your phone. Phone Transfer provides one-click operation of data transfer to help you transfer contacts, music, messages and other files as soon as possible. It works professionally and perfectly with various phones, like iPhone, HTC, Samsung, Huawei and so on. By the way, it supports the lastest version of system of iOS and OS.


Steps to Transfer Music from Android to Samsung Note 8 with Phone Transfer



Step 1. Launch Phone Transfer and Make Your Devices Connected

Once you launch Phone Transfer on the computer, you can see the four mian tooklit of it on the window. Please enter the tooklit of "Phone to Phone Transfer" to help you transfer data from phone to phone.

Make your Android and Samsung Note 8 connected to the computer via USB cables. When they are connected successfully, you will see their pictures on the window.

To tranfer data from Android to Samsung Note 8, Android should be the source deivce and Samsung Note 8 should be the destination device. If you find the position is incorrect, just click on the "Flip" button to exchange it.

Step 2. Transfer the Data You Need

After confirm the positions of the devices, you can select which kinds of data you want to transfer. There is a content list in the middle of the window. Check the box of Music on the content list and allow the copying by clicking "Start Transfer" button. The data of music on Android will be copied to Samsung Note 8 soon.

Note: It is necessary to keep your devices connected during the copying, otherwise the transfer can not work normally.

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