How to Tranfer Data from Android/iPhone to Samsung A42?

November 23, 2020
Sammury: This is a complete guide to show you how to import/transfer/synchronize/move data from Android Samsung/Huawei/Xiaomi/Vivo/Oppo or iPhone/iPad/iPod phones, including contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, bookmarks, call history, clendar, voice memo, apps and more to Samsung Galaxy A42.
About Samsung Galaxy A42:
The device features a large 6.6-inch super AMOLED capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels. The smartphone has four cameras with a 48 MP (wide) + 8 MP (ultra wide) + 5 MP (macro) + 5 MP (depth) sensor on the back.
The front camera has 20 MP (width) and can click super self timer and record 1080p video at 30fps. It also has GPS with A-GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BDS, NFC, Bluetooth 5.0 and USB 2.0, type-C 1.0 reversible connectors.
Powered by a non detachable Li Po 5000 MAH battery, it provides fast charging. The smartphone integrates 128 GB internal memory, which can store videos, music files, images, etc. It is available in a variety of colors, such as black, white and gray.
Samsung Galaxy A42 5g runs on Android 10.0 with one UI 2.5. Sensors include fingerprints (under display, optical), accelerometers, gyroscopes, proximity and compass.

Samsung has added many new features to its new product lineup, Samsung Galaxy A42. If you are using a Samsung Galaxy Android or iPhone device and want to move to a new device, the Samsung Galaxy A42 is definitely a good choice. But how do I transfer all the data from my phone to my phone, including my phone, my phone, my phone, my phone, my phone?
You have a reason to be troubled. The process of migrating from Android Samsung/Huawei/Vivo/Oppo/Xiaomi/Sony/LG/ZTE or iPhone to Samsung Galaxy A42 is complex and confusing because you have to use some cloud or synchronization method to migrate files. Yes, some services (such as Google Gmail) do allow you to synchronize Android/iPhone data to Samsung A42, but they are not very elegant.
Method to Transfer Data from Android/iPhone to Samsung Galaxy A42:
Mobile transmission is another tool worth considering, which can transfer data from one device to another. It works well with popular smartphone models (such as iPhone, Samsung, HTC, LG, vivo, oppo, Xiaomi, Sony, Huawei and other mobile devices). It allows you to share all kinds of data, from Android to Android, from Android to IOS, from IOS to IOS, and from IOS to Android, while preserving the original quality and quantity of content transferred. However, you must use a computer to transfer between two mobile devices.
Moible Transmission Feature:
Transmit contacts, messages, call logs, WhatsApp, music, photos, videos, apps, wildlife history, bookmarks, notes, calendars, e-books, etc.
One Click to transfer data between two Phones.
Selectively backup and restore lossless quality phone data.
Selectively restore the iTunes/icloud backup to an IOS or Android device.
Synchronize media files from the iTunes library to your phone.
Support a variety of operating systems: a variety of mobile phones can run Android and IOS.
Part 1: Transfer Data from Android to Samsung Galaxy A42
Part 2: Transfer Data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy A42
Part 1: Transfer Data from Android to Samsung Galaxy A42
Method 1: Transfer Data from Samsung/Huawei/Xiaomi/Vivo/Oppo/LG/Realme to Samsung A42 via Mobile Transfer
Step 1. Run the Moible Transfer tool
Download, install and start the mobile transfer tool on your computer. When its main window appears, select phone to phone mode and connect the Android and Samsung phones to the computer via two USB cables.

Step 2. Select the data to be transferred
The tool will automatically detect two connected phones. All file types that can be transferred here (ie contacts, music, photos, videos, SMS, etc.) will also be displayed. If you want to swap their positions, you can click "Flip".

Step 3: Copy the data from Android to Sasmung Galaxy A42
Select the type of data you want to transfer from the old Android phone, and then click the start transfer button to perform the task of transferring files from Android to Samsung Galaxy A42. The whole contact transfer process will take some time, please wait patiently.

Mehtod 2: Transfer Android Data from Backup to Samsung Galaxy A42
Step 1. Run mobile transfer on your computer, and then click "restore from backup" to select "mobiletrans".

Step 2. Select a backup file from the left panel as required, and then select the data to restore from the selected backup. After that, click "Start transfer" on the page to transfer the data from the backup to redmi note 8.

Note: do not disconnect the phone from the computer during data transmission.

Method 3: Transfer Data from Android to Samsung A42 with Google Account
I assume you're asking how to move your contacts, pictures, apps and other content from your old Android phone to the new Samsung Galaxy A42. If you're transferring from an Android phone, Google makes it easy. For this reason, it is best to put it in a place where you can access the secure WiFi, so as not to use the data for this operation.
First, make sure the information on your old phone is backed up:
* Open the settings app settings app for the device.

* Click system, then advanced, and then backup.

* If backup to Google cloud drive is not turned on, turn it on. Then wait for the backup to complete. If the backup is turned on, you will be able to check under active backup to see the time of the last backup of applications, call logs, contacts, etc. If it appears to have been backed up in the last few minutes, it is best to move on to the next step.

To transfer all content to your new phone:
* On your new phone, go to settings app settings app.
* Click on account, and then click O + to add an account.
* Select Google and log in to the Google account to which you backed up your data. (if you have set up security on your new phone, you may have to enter a password or password during this step.)
* You will be asked if you want to restore or download all synchronized information. (I'm not sure what you'll see because it's been a while since I did.) Yes, of course.
* You should see all the downloaded apps, contacts, etc. on your new phone.



Method 4: Transfer Android Data to Samsung A42 with Bluetooth
You can use Bluetooth, where each phone must transfer data between two phones. This is an easy way to share files between Android phones. However, it will take you a while to transfer. The steps for how to transfer data to your new phone are as follows.
Step 1: Connect the two devices via Bluetooth.
Turn on Bluetooth on both devices and pair the two Android phones.

Step 2: Share files from the old device to the new device.
On the old device, open the file manager and select the file you want to transfer. Click the share button and select Bluetooth as the method. Go to the new Android and allow to receive files.

Part 2: Transfer Data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy A42
Method 1: Transfer Data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy A42 with Moible Transfer

Step 1: Download and Connect your iPhone and Samsung A42 devices to your computer and open mobiletrans. You'll see many of the features of mobiletrans, just select the phone transfer option.

Step 2. After mobiletrans automatically detects your device, your iPhone should be listed as the source device and Samsung as the target device. You can use the flip button to swap positions.

Step 3. Now, select the data type to move. To transfer data from iPhone to Samsung A42, select the data you want, and then click the start transfer button.

Mehtod 2: Transfer iPhone data to Samsung A42 via Samsung Smarth Switch
Step 1. Back up iPhone through icloud.
First, if not, back up your old iPhone to icloud. To back up your iPhone to icloud, unlock your iPhone, go to settings, and click on your apple ID. Click icloud backup > backup now. Backup will take place, please wait until complete.

Step 2. Wirelessly transfers data to the galaxy S20 Ultra.
After successfully backing up your old iPhone to icloud, you need to turn to the Samsung Galaxy A42. If not already installed, install the Samsung smart switch on it and turn it on. Click receive, wireless, select IOS, and it will ask you to log in to your apple ID. Then enter the verification code and click OK.
Select all the required data on the panel and click Import. It will start restoring data from icloud to your Samsung Galaxy A42.

Method 3: Using a computer to copy data from iPhone to Samsung A42
You can get help from your computer when you try to transfer data from iPhone to Samsung S9. This is a good way to copy most of your iPhone data to your Samsung device. Just follow these steps:
Step 1: connect your iPhone to your computer and give it data access. Open the store and you will see the existing data file. Right click files and folders and copy them to separate folders on your system.
Step 2: now, connect the Samsung phone to the computer and open the device storage. Copy the data file stored on your computer from iPhone and paste it into the Samsung storage device.
Please wait because this process may take more time than usual, depending on the amount of data you are transferring.
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