Transfer Data from Android/iPhone to Redmi Note 10/Pro

May 31, 2021
[Summary]: Are you looking for an Android/iPhone data transfer tool that can copy the contact, text messages, videos, photos, calendar and call history from your previous mobile phone to redmi note 10? This guide is a simple way to transfer HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Sony, Google, Huawei, Motorola, ZTE, Xiaomi, oneplus, oppo and other data to redmi note 10 with one click.
Something about Redmi Note 10:
Xiaomi decided this year to adopt the new redmi note 10 series of dual contact mode. The brand recognizes that 5g networks can still be restricted and makes 4G a de facto connectivity standard. Therefore, they decided to provide 5g devices to the market where the network can be used. To this end, we launched a 5g variant of redmi note 10, which is equipped with a 6.5-inch LCD display supporting full HD + resolution in 1080x2400 pixels. The screen is perforated and protected by Corning gorilla glass 3. This display quality generates a pixel density of 405 PPI. The 5g variant of redmi note 10 uses the yutasin MediaTek dimension 700 chip. The hardware module contains 4GB ram and uses a special card slot to provide 64GB internal storage that can be expanded to 512gb. Redmi note 105g has a triple rear camera with large 48mp basic sensor, 2MP sensor and 2MP depth sensor. The front has the 8mp self timer which supports the video call The phone contains a 5000 MAH battery that supports 18W high-speed charging through the USB type C port. Other features of the phone include side mounted fingerprint sensor, face unlocking and headset jack.

Xiaomi has collected cheap price lists that emphasize the personality that MI fans like. There is a new Xiaomi phone on hand. In fact, the newly launched redmi note 10 can first face the problem of transferring data from previous devices to this new property. As long as the existing smart phones are converted from Android to new Android, we can be more familiar with the data transmission between Android machines. Still, how about redmi note 10 on the iPhone? take your time! This is a self-study book that has nothing to do with Android or IOS devices and simply migrates data with redmi note 10/pro.
Now is the time to bring the old bad phone tottering to redmi note 10 device. But still need to use redmi note 10 to transfer all data in the old iPhone or Android phone. This self-study book not only helps to transfer data from other devices, but also helps iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Huawei, Sony Although LG, Motorola, Google Phone, etc. are added to redmi note 10, it also shows a way to easily share text message, contact, music, photos, videos between the computer and the new redmi note 10. To find out how, read on.
Methods Outline:
Method 1: Transfer Data from Android/iPhone to Redmi note 10 with Mobile Transfer
Method 2: Transfer data from Xiaomi to Redmi Note 10 with Mi Mover
Method 3: Transfer Data from Samsung to Redmi note 10 with Bluetooth
Method 4: Transfer Files from Android/iPhone to Redmi Note 10 with Email
Method 1: Transfer Data from Android/iPhone to Redmi note 10 with Mobile Transfer
If you want to transfer from Android/iPhone to redmi note 10, it is recommended to actively send data. Only a few clicks can send data from Android/iPhone to redmi note 10, which is an easy tool to use. Two mobile phones based on Android system, IOS system and Symbian system can transfer contact, messages, photos, videos, call records, music, calendar and applications. Mobile Transfer can do more. Back up and restore data and delete data before selling the phone. Phone to Phone transfer works well in all phone modes such as Xiaomi, Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, vivo, oppo, Motorola, Google pixel, ZTE, Xiaomi and LG.
Step 1: Lauch Mobile transfer tool
Download, install and run the phone to phone transfer tool on your computer. If the basic window appears, select "phone to phone transfer" mode and connect Android/iPhone and redmi note 10 to the computer through two USB cables.

Step 2: Select Phone to Phone Transfer
The tool automatically senses two connected phones. All transportable file formats are also shown here.

Step 3: Copy from Android/iPhone to redmi note 10
Select what you want and click "start transfer" to transfer the selected data directly from Android/iPhone to redmi note 10. To improve efficiency, do not detach the device until the process is complete.
Method 2: Transfer data from Xiaomi to Redmi Note 10 with Mi Mover
If you want to transfer data through the new Redmi note 10 in the previous Xiaomi phone, the built-in Mi mover application is also a good choice. The application supports sending contact information, information, photos, music, videos, applications, etc. Just scan the QR code and the app can easily pair with other smartphones.

Now let's use the Mi mover application to see the actual process of using Xiaomi mobile phone to transfer files.
Step 1: You must download and install the Mi Mover of all the previous and new devices in the Google play store.
Step 2: Run the application on two machines. Open I'm the sender from the old phone and label I'm the receiver on redmi note 10.
Step 3: scan the QR code displayed on the screen from the transmitter.
Step 4: Focus on and select the application and other information to be delivered. If all items are selected, the label is sent.
Step 5: Waiting for the whole process to complete. If you think it's all settled, hold it down.
Method 3: Transfer Data from Samsung to Redmi note 10 with Bluetooth
To do this, first turn on Bluetooth on both devices, then put the two devices close to each other and start pairing. You must enter a password during this process. To do that, follow the instructions on the screen. Then select the project in Samsung and share it with Bluetooth. Bluetooth can send contact information, photos, videos, etc. Now to see how to use it, let's take an example
What's the way to send photos from Samsung via Bluetooth?
Please activate the Bluetooth of Samsung and Xiaomi phones in the system tray.
From Samsung mobile phone to Bluetooth settings, search Xiaomi mobile phone/redmi.
Then, pair the two devices on the target phone tag.
After pairing, select Samsung photos and click Share > Bluetooth.
If you want to save the received image in Xiaomi phone, click in the accept tab.

Method 4: Transfer Files from Android/iPhone to Redmi Note 10 with Email
This method can be summarized simply. After sending the project through Samsung email, log in to Xiaomi email to receive the project report. Although it is not complicated, the number of attachment items sent each time is limited to 20 million or 25 million, so it is likely to be boring. Moreover, many data types cannot be sent as attachments.
What's the way to sync data from android/iphone to redmi note 10?
1. Unlock android mobile phone and run Gmail, Foxmail and other e-mails. Then open the create option to create a new email.
2. Find and select media files or documents and attach them. Then enter another email address to upload the file to the attachment and send it.
3. Finally, move to Xiaomi/ redmi note 10, and move to the email used when receiving files. Then confirm the email, download the item you want and save it to Xiaomi phone.
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