Transfer Data Contacts Photos from Android to ViVo X20/Plus

September 19, 2017
The Vivo X20 will feature a virtually bezel-less design with a high screen-to-body ratio, one industry insider said on Saturday, adding that the device is “coming soon.” The successor to the Vivo X9 and X9 Plus will also likely be offered in two variants boasting different screen sizes, but both are said to follow the same design language that a number of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) including Samsung and LG started adopting earlier this year. Unlike the Vivo X9 series, the Vivo X20 may feature extremely thin top and bottom bezels and an edge-to-edge display panel that will presumably be protected by 2.5D glass. The Vivo X20 is expected to compete in the upper mid-range market segment, just like its predecessors did. With the Vivo X9 Plus being powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 653 and 6GB of RAM, Vivo may now opt to include the Snapdragon 660 and 8GB of RAM into the larger model, though it remains to be seen whether the company decides to expand on its 64GB of internal flash memory, especially since the previous device didn’t feature a microSD card slot. 
When upgrading to a brand-new Android phone such as ViVo X20, you will not only need to move contacts, messages, photos, music, etc, but also to download all of your favorite apps onto the new device. You can always look at your old Android phone then search the Google Play Store to download and reinstall apps individually. But it can be quite inconvenient and take a lot of time. Actually, downloading Android apps onto a new device doesn’t need to be so difficult. Here we’ll introduce an easy way to transfer Data from Android to ViVo X20.
To move any of your data including photos, videos, contacts, text messages, calendar, music and more, as a workaround, we strongly recommend you to use the Phone Transfer. It enables you to transfer Android apps to new phone and supports more than 2000 devices from Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Moto, Google, Huawei, etc. In addition to apps, other data like contacts, messages, call history, calendar, photos, videos, and music can be transferred between Android devices in one click.


Steps to Transfer All Data from Old Android Phone to ViVo X20/Plus

Step 1. First of all, download and install Phone Transfer to your PC. And click on the icon to run it. There are four modules for you to choose, please click "Phone To Phone Transfer" and press "Start" to enter the next step.

Step 2. To start with, connect your Android and ViVo X20/Plus to your computer via USB cables. When your devices are connected and detected by your computer, you'll get a window as follow. The names of your devices will be displayed in the places of "Source" and "Destination". You can click “Flip” between the two phones when you decide to change the places of the two devices.

Step 3. Now, data on your source phone that can be transferred are listed in the middle, such as contacts, photos, messages, etc. Please mark the data you need and click “Start Transfer”. Then they can be fully copied to your ViVo X20/Plus.

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