How to Transfer Data Contacts from Android to Nokia 9

June 02, 2017
When it comes to data transfer, most smartphone users often regard it as a complicated task. It is common that modern people change phones frequently just as a person holds several phone numbers. People change phone because they chase the latest device or the former one has something wrong. No matter what the reason is, or how many phones they have changed, the most indispensable thing is that the data on the former phone must be transferred entirely to the new phone they hold. If not, their daily life might be messed up especially without the previous data contacts on the phone. Now, I face this case that I need to transfer data contacts from Android to Nokia 9. What am I going to do? Transferring contacts one by one? No, I get the help from Mobile Transfer.
Mobile Transfer is the one-click phone to phone transfer software, is capable of transferring various data from different phones with different operating systems. It is not overblown that Mobile Transfer is Simple operating, highly efficient and totally reliable phone-to-phone data transfer. It simplifies the transfer process, reduces consuming time and assure the safety of personal information.
Next, please follow our guide to learn how to transfer data contacts from Android to Nokia 9 with Mobile Transfer.


Steps to Transfer Data Contacts from Old Android Phone to Nokia 9


Step 1. Connect Your Devices to PC

Connect your Android and Nokia 9 to the computer at the sam time. Then, open Mobile Transfer on the computer, and choose the functions of "Phone to Phone Transfer".

If your devices get connected, Mobile Transfer will recognize and detect your devices automatically and quickly. Here, You can see the images of your devices in Source and Destination position. You need to check the Source is  your old Android phone and the Destination is Nokia 9.

Tips: If you find the position of your phones is inverse, you can simple press the "Flip" to exchange it without reconnecting your phones.


Step 2. Transfer the Selected Data from Android Phone to Nokia 9

Select Contacts, check it and  click "Start Transfer" button to begin the process. After a while, the transferring is complete and the data contacts on Android is copied to Nokia 9 entirely without any loss on your devices.

During the process, please don’t disconnect the devices, or the transfer will fail. If you want to clear up the data on destiantion device before copying, you can use the "Clear Data before Copy".

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